The ultimate solution for multiple station systems
Water supply and disposal station TUnit MP

The TUnit MP multiple station system is a satellite service station and is used in medium-sized to large storage and treatment facilities. The TUnit MP is connected to a central vacuum pumping station and is available in various designs.

Similar to the stand-alone TUnit SP, the TUnit MP multi point service station is also extremely user-friendly. The hoses, which are attached to a mast with automatic retraction, ensure a lar convenient hose operation in all directions and reliable and tidy hose stowage. This means that easy filling of water and disposal of toilet wastewater is possible even if the connections to the train are not in the immediate vicinity. Thanks to their automated retraction mechanism, the hoses are always ready for use. The TUnit MP service module is connected to a centralised vacuum pumping station and can therefore be designed to be particularly compact.


  • TUnit MPU Eco (manual operation)
  • TUnit MPU Plus (with electr./ semi-automatic control options)
  • TUnit MP Eco (manual operation)
  • TUnit MP Plus (with electr./ semi-automatic control options)
  • TUnit MP Pro (with  monitoring processes automation options)