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THINK RED is the title of our new company magazine, our “all-rounder” and an expression of our entrepreneurial purpose. Red symbolizes vitality, dynamics, progress and passion – a color that truly suits us. Standing still is not part of our philosophy!

The magazine gives our large, diverse target group valuable insights into the world of Vogelsang. It is showcasing innovative solutions and successful case studies for different applications as well as presenting new products and concepts for efficient work. Furthermore THINK RED, inspired by Vogelsang’s pioneering spirit, gives an impression of our diversity, philosophy and push for continued success. Socially relevant content will be combined with corporate topics in an entertaining mix for readers.

THINK RED - Edition 1 | 2017

A selection of topics.

  • Around the world. Brazil
    Olá Brasil. Vogelsang acquires Bombas Beto and gains a foothold in South America
  • Technology 4.0
    Controls like in a cockpit. Interview with Hendrik Schmidt, Director of Systems and Control Engineering at Vogelsang Sectors
  • Industry. Wine production.
    In Vino Veritas. Five company portraits of Italy’s leading winemakers, Episode 1
  • Biogas. BIOGASmax
    Higher yield thanks to greater expertise. Increased efficiency in biogas production
  • In focus. Liquid manure
    A hot topic that is often underestimated
  • Agriculture. Rotary lobe pumps
    Customers speak for themselves. Owner Stefan Trinkies and his 28 employees know what reliability means
  • Transportation. Long-distance buses
    What to do with waste water? To make sure the journey stays comfortable and the bus restroom is operational at all times, Vogelsang assists intercity bus companies with waste water disposal
  • Waste water. Wet wipes
    Millions in damage caused by wet wipes. Episode 1
  • Vogelsang as an employer
    A close eye on the future. Exemplary education at Vogelsang

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