The wet cutter solution for tankers
Wet cutter RotaCut MXL

In developing the wet cutter RotaCut MXL, special attention was paid to taking into account the exigencies of vehicle design. The design was specially developed for mobile use on tankers, delivers throughput up to 780 m3/h and can be quickly and easily integrated into the vehicle. The wet cutter RotaCut also performs a range of essential functions for mobile applications: Foreign matter such as stones and metal parts are reliably retained in the generously dimensioned heavy material separator. When pumping liquid manure, for example, the wet cutter RotaCut MXL cuts the coarse matter and fibrous matter, thereby homogenizing the entire medium. Drive power is usually provided by the hydraulics available on most vehicles. After opening the generously dimensioned service flap, the separated heavy material can be easily removed, and access to the cutter head for service and maintenance is enabled.