The economical wet cutter for demanding applications
Wet cutter RotaCut RCpro

The RCpro series is designed for reliable and economical disintegrating of media with a high solids and fibrous matter content, e.g. in industry and biogas plants. The stable design of the cutter head, clever features such as the cutting screen support, as well as useful options for the cutting blades, blade rotors and cutting screen make the RCpro series an economical solution when conventional cutters are not powerful enough. With flow rates up to 600 m³/h, their robust design enables them to also be used on the discharge side (up to 3 bar is possible). In combination with the Compact XL heavy material separator, large amounts of heavy material in the medium can be reliably separated out. Maintenance and service are quickly and easily carried out by pivoting up the cutter head.