The easy to maintain and user-friendly wet cutter
Wet cutter RotaCut RCQ

The RCQ series RotaCut models feature easy to maintain and user-friendly design for sewage treatment plants and wastewater technology or industrial applications with flow rates up to 300 m3/h. The cutters can be easily and conveniently monitored online with modern control technology. With the optional ACC plus, the status of the cutting blades is also monitored and visualized on an external display. The operator therefore always knows what's going on; there's no need to interrupt operation or even open the cutter. In addition, this information can be displayed graphically by the control – which is very useful if you want to monitor and check the RotaCut centrally or by remote control. A message informs the operator when the blades require changing so that you can plan any spare part orders and maintenance well in advance. Thanks to the new design of RCQ series cutters, maintenance work and even replacement of cutting components themselves can be performed quickly on-site by the operator's personnel or by a service partner.