The easy to maintain and operator-friendly wet cutter for demanding shredding applications
Wet cutter RotaCut RCQpro

Efficient cutting of coarse and fibrous matter in liquid media with effective protection from foreign matter and heavy material – the wet cutter RotaCut units in the RCQpro series offer all of this – at flow rates up to 600 m3/h. They are the ideal solution for processing media with a high solids and fiber content reliably and cost-effectively while still maintaining excellent ease of maintenance and operation, e.g. in biogas plants or in the food industry. Thanks to their robust design, they can also be used on the discharge side (up to 4 bar is possible). RCQpro series cutters also support online monitoring of cutting blades status with the ACC plus – including via remote control. When combined with a PCU, the operator receives detailed information regarding the load of the cutter and the status of the cutting blades without having to interrupt cutter operation or open the wet cutter RotaCut itself. Thanks to the service-oriented concept, parts replacement, including replacement of the Quality Cartridge mechanical seal, can be carried out in a short time on-site.