Hygienic and efficient solutions for bus applications
From water supply and disposal to interior cleaning we offer solutions for your bus

Traveling on coaches is becoming more and more popular. With rising passenger numbers, one particular challenge is to dispose of wastewater from washrooms and toilets hygienically. To ensure that this disposal is controlled and does not take place under unhygienic conditions that are hazardous to health, Vogelsang has developed the RoadPump. Also with the CleanUnit for the interior cleaning of coaches we offer a high efficiency of use combined with functional and long-lasting units.

Keeping operations in bus depots and on tank stops running

Vogelsang disposal systems for long distance busses
Supply and disposal system RoadPump

Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps for fresh water supply and wastewater disposal have been commonplace in train car service facilities for decades. They still impress with their performance and great tolerance to foreign matter.

So it's no surprise that the secret to successful operation, our rotary lobe pumps, are now earning their keep in bus stations and rest stops. As the central element of the RoadPump, the rotary lobe pump once again proves its performance capabilities, while also saving space with its compact design.

Bus drivers and station staff are also grateful for the simple and reliable operation and maintenance. The mobile or permanently installed collection stations make vacuum extraction of toilet wastewater a hygienic, splash-free process. Additional options such as a code system for activation of the installation or a drinking water hose for hygienic filling round out the RoadPump range. On the vehicle, Vogelsang equips the wastewater tank with a special patented suction nozzle (the BusPlug).

Fast and effective interior cleaning of coaches
Interior cleaning cabinet CleanUnit

All kinds of supplies are required for professional cleaning—cleaning agents and devices, hot and cold water, and an environmentally friendly disposal option for graywater. In order to minimize the time and legwork required for vehicle interior cleaning, cleaning agents and the associated installations have to be provided to users at easily accessible, strategically located places.

This is exactly why Vogelsang developed its cleaner cabinets. The CleanUnits, made mainly of high-grade weather resistant stainless steel, are especially robust and durable. In addition to their standard features, such as automatic dosing of cleaning agents, the cleaner cabinets can also be fitted with special options as required, such as eye showers and first aid kits.

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