Pumps and shredding technology for various industries
Conveying and grinding media with different physical characteristics

In the industrial sector, there are several materials with different characteristics and requirements. Viscous, thin, aggressive media or media contaminated with solids must be processed. Adapted to the respective production process, these media must be treated under high or low pressure, with a low or high delivery rate in different environments. It is important to comply with legal guidelines and at the same time ensure a stable and economical production process. This includes combining a long service life, user-friendly maintenance and high system availability. Vogelsang pump and shredding technology can deal with those factors with its robust and compact design, clever features and options as well as the well thought-out maintenance concept and easy integration into the customer's control system. In this way you can ensure optimized production in almost all industrial sectors.

Pump technology for the ceramic industry

Market requirements:
Pumping of viscous and abrasive media at a low pressure

Vogelsang solution:
Rotary lobe pumps of the VX series and IQ series

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Pump and grinding technology for the recycling industry

Market requirements:
Efficient grinding of high volume media

Vogelsang solution:
Grinding technology: Wet cutter RotaCut, industrial waste grinder RedUnit
Pump technology: Rotary lobe pumps of the VX series

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