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Whether you need to pump liquid manure loaded with foreign matter out of a pit, organic suspension into the digester, or you need to pump aggressive chemicals: Vogelsang pumps are resistant to foreign matter, can convey highly abrasive media, and are impressively easy to maintain. At the same time, they are exceptionally powerful: our pumps convey media from 1 m3/h to more than 1,400 m3/h at differential pressures of up to 16 bar.

As one of the leading producers of positive displacement pumps, Vogelsang offers customers a variety of application-oriented solutions, including:

  • Rotary lobe pumps: We invented it and perfected it – the rotary elastomer-coated lobe pump. A true all-rounder for cross-industry solutions, with numerous equipment and material variants. Extremely space-saving, easy to maintain and efficient.
  • Progressive cavity pumps: The CC series uses the tried-and-tested principle of the progressive cavity pump in an innovative, uniquely easy to maintain type of construction. Parts can be replaced in minimal time without disassembling pipes.
  • Centrifugal pumps: The PowerFill filling aid makes it possible to fill vacuum tanks up to 30% faster. Additionally, the liquid manure is homogenized during the filling procedure, making it easier to spread more precisely.

Rotary lobe pumps and progressive cavity pumps – which does what?

In rotary lobe pumps and progressive cavity pumps, we offer two of the most effective and modern pump technologies on the market.

Rotary lobe pumps – self-priming pumps straight from the inventor

Helmut Vogelsang invented the elastomeric-coated rotary lobe pump, which was patented in 1970. Since then, our company has constantly continued to develop and perfect the pump further. The self-priming pump can prime media from depths as low as 9 meters up to heights as high as 9 meters, and it is extremely powerful. At the same time, it is exceptionally resistant to foreign matter, easy to handle, and simple to integrate – its compact and light design enables the Vogelsang rotary lobe pump to fit almost anywhere.

Thanks to the QuickService design, maintenance and service work is quick and easy. And technical innovations like the InjectionSystem ensure that the pumps have a long service life. With a wide variety of technical innovations and equipment options, our customers are well set with Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps. Cost-effectiveness, efficiency, minimal maintenance time and convenient installation options speak to our success.

The wide variety of applications for the rotary lobe pumps

The Vogelsang rotary lobe pump is no longer used exclusively in the agricultural sector. In addition to pumping liquid manure, the rotary lobe pump is also a reliable partner in many other applications such as wastewater and biogas.

Whether used in a pumping station or in the sewage treatment plant itself, the Vogelsang rotary lobe pump performs its duty just as reliably at it does in stationary disposal stations or in internal building disposal systems.

Pumping organic suspensions, digestates etc. in biogas plants is a daily application for which Vogelsang can offer the right pump technology.

The range of possible uses is rounded out by industrial applications. As a pumping unit for cooling water, in the manufacturing process, or used in feeding, Vogelsang can look back on a long list of enthusiastic customers and problems solved thanks to the rotary lobe pump. Across sectors, we are not only represented in manufacturing industries such as the chemical industry, paint production, refineries, and the sugar industry, we are also represented in supply and disposal for the railway sector, in agriculture, biogas plants and sewage treatment plants.

Progressive cavity pumps – exceptional maintainability

The progressive cavity pump is reliable in everyday use and, thanks to its sturdy design, it can withstand even the harshest of applications. Foreign matter with a relatively large particle size is no problem for this pump, which is why the CC series is so popular. For example, it can be used to pump mashed organic suspensions, fresh liquid manure, recirculate, or for digester agitation. Progressive cavity pumps in the CC series can also convey sludges or sewage.

Centrifugal pump – the booster for vacuum tanks

The PowerFill centrifugal pump makes it possible to fill vacuum tanks up to 30% faster. Additionally, liquid manure is homogenized during the filling procedure, making it easier to spread more precisely. PowerFill is suitable for any vacuum tank and it provides complete filling.

This enables our customers to save time and money and optimize their tank filling.

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