Precision distributor ExaCut ECQ: Highest distribution accuracy with simple service
Case Study - Landwirtschaftliche Arbeiten Heinfried Reuter


Even spreading of liquid manure with a high dry matter content.
Difficult access to the distributor


Use of a precise and service-friendly distributor for effective wide spreading

The customer and the problem

The agricultural contracting company Landwirtschaftliche Arbeiten Heinfried Reuter based in Wagenfeld, Lower Saxony, cultivates between 2,500 and 5,000 hectares of land. Each year, the contracting company spreads around 60,000 cubic metres of liquid manure with a SwingMax Slide trailing shoe linkage from Vogelsang. The linkage has a working width of 30 metres and spreads the liquid manure in strips, close to the ground.

“We use different types of liquid manure that often have a viscous consistency. The spreading technology must therefore be able to distribute this type of liquid manure over the entire width.”
Henrik Reuter, Contractor

Distributing liquid manure that has a dry matter content evenly over the entire field was a major challenge for the contracting company. Moreover, the distributor was not easily accessible, which caused maintenance to take longer.

The solution

Reuter had the existing precision distributor replaced by two ExaCut ECQ from Vogelsang. They distribute even viscous liquid manure evenly on all hoses. This allows the contracting company to always supply its customers’ plants with optimal nutrients. Thanks to its generously sized maintenance port, the distributor is easily accessible. Moreover, the service life of the ExaCut ECQ is significantly longer than that of the previous precision distributors.


Benefits of the ExaCut ECQ from Vogelsang

  • Highest distribution accuracy of nutrients
  • Very rapid charging of outlets and therefore short spreading wedges
  • Up to 100 percent longer service life
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Easy access to the individual components
  • Low power requirement due to low speeds
  • DLG award with top marks