RedUnit: Fruit and veg treatment for a biogas plant
Case Study - LEKABO, managing director Bruno Leenen


Shredding different types of fruit and veg


RedUnit XRL186-520QD in a special design fitted with a large bunker shaft and control

The customer and the problem

Alongside crop cultivation and animal farming, LEKABO has been running a biogas plant since 1998 and is registered as a certified disposal company for food waste generated by supermarkets as well as small and large-sized restaurants. The food waste collected is treated so it can be used in the biogas plant.

Among other things, around 20-50 m³ of fruit and vegetables are used per week. In order to optimally prepare these for fermentation, LEKABO was in search of a suitable shredder, to disintegrate the organic waste before feeding it into an existing fat pit.

The solution

While at a trade fair, LEKABO found out about a special version of the RedUnit which is equipped with a large bunker shaft and mixer along with a control. It was the ideal solution for the application in question.

The unit was installed directly above the fat pit and shreds the varying amounts of fruit and veg without any trouble. Most importantly, it can cope with large volumes if there are last-minute deliveries.

Since the RedUnit XRL cutting tools are not made up of individual blades, it is the perfect solution for guaranteeing reliable operation.

Advantages of the Vogelsang RedUnit XRL

  • Long service times thanks to rugged design
  • High availability thanks to quick servicing and easy maintenance
  • Resistant to foreign matter thanks to monolithic ripper rotors