Low functionality of the pumping system
Case Study – Rotary lobe pump VX136-140Q


Low performance of the old pumping system.


Changing to a rotary lobe pump VX136-140Q.

The customer and the problem

For over 30 years the company Dolerfer Srl is collecting and recycling waste oil. The headerquarter, sited in Sant’Arpino (CE), offers also fuel, storage and foundry services for customers in the Campania region and throughout Central and Southern Italy.

Inefficiency of the waste oil pumping system.
The plant for the collection and storage of waste oil was served by two pumps: a gear pump for unloading the tanker trucks and loading the storage tanks and a centrifugal pump with horizontal axis for unloading the tanks and loading the tanker trucks of the oils designed for the disposal.
This involved an excessive plant complication because of high maintenance costs, difficulty in priming for emptying the tanks with the gear pump. Long waiting times, inefficient processing, high energy costs due to a «poor» volumetric efficiency were not longer acceptable.

The solution

Vogelsang offered a unique and more efficient solution for the loading and unloading of the storage tank. The proposed solution was to remove the existing pumps and replace them by a rotary lobe pump series VX136-140Q, with a 15,0 kW motor, which can process approximately 60 m³/h of waste oil.
This allows a considerable simplification of the system, a significant improvement in its performance with optimized loading and unloading times, a reduction of maintenance costs and energy consumption thanks to the improved volumetric efficiency of the pump. It greatly shortens the working time compared to the previous pumping system.

Technical advantages of the RedUnit

  • Reduction of processing times
  • Riduction of maintenance costs/maintenace times
  • Optimization of energy consumption