SwingUp: The dribble bar system by Vogelsang

Proven dribble bar system that pays off

  • Maximum accuracy in distribution thanks to precision distributors and an optimized hose layout
  • High flexibility and stability at the same time
  • Also suitable for compact vehicles due to its low weight
  • Easy to retrofit on existing vehicles


The dribble bar system SwingUp — low weight, high performance
Perfection in 7,5 - 18 meters

In order to use liquid manure optimally, precise spreading into the root zone is essential. The Vogelsang dribble bar system SwingUp meets those requirements, with extremely high distribution accuracy as well. This precision in operation is the result of reliable precision distributors, the carefully designed hose layout, and the rigid end hoses. And accuracy is very important in ensuring uniform nutrient utilization when spreading liquid manure. The fertilizer is supplied in an optimum way to the crops, which reach maturation at the same time due to the high uniformity of application, and high yields are assured. As the liquid manure is deposited directly into the existing plants, it can be spread regardless of the weather conditions. The dribble bar system SwingUp has other impressive features besides its basic operation, however. Weighing just 1000 kg and with a working width of 12 meters, the SwingUp is re-markably light needing little traction force to move it. It is also very easy to install and can be retrofitted on existing tankers as well. The dribble bar system SwingUp therefore represents a perfect solution for compliance with the new fertilizer regulations in Germany. With a relatively minimal investment, you can easily upgrade your tanker and keep using it for many more years in full compliance with the law. In summary, the Vogelsang dribble bar system SwingUp is lightweight in construction yet powerful in performance at the same time.

The Vogelsang dribble bar system SwingUp impresses with its compact dimensions and high-quality technology. Versatile and flexible in use, this linkage is the all-purpose choice for liquid manure spreading. At the same time, it is very stable and satisfies Vogelsang's fundamental requirement for every single system: extremely high distribution accuracy. In this model, this is accomplished by the precision distributors DosiMat or ExaCut. With up to 18 meters, the dribble bar system SwingUp provides the best solution for relatively narrow tramlines and working widths.

“With the SwingUp system with section cut-off, we can satisfy the exacting demands of our customers superbly. Whatever the crops and weather, the spreading is perfect with minimum odor. That's something that both the farmers and their neighbors are thankful for.”
Christof Schuermann, agricultural contractor, Boerger

Features of the SwingUp

When driving on the road, the hoses of the dribble bar system are rotated upward 180° so that they are vertical. This reliably prevents leakage and keeps the road clean and safe.
Liquid manure, a valuable commodity, must be spread evenly and reliably in the distribution hoses. Vogelsang precision distributors permit precise distribution of the nutrients with a distribution coefficient of less than 5 percent. This makes spreading a safe and reliable process without fluctuations – which also guarantees even plant growth.

The linkages are fixed onto the tanker.
The discharge hoses on the Vogelsang dribble bar systems all have similar lengths, thanks to the optimized hose layout. The liquid manure reaches the soil almost simultaneously from each one, and spreading across the entire working width and length is also guaranteed. This not only ensures optimum lateral distribution accuracy in the linkage, but also prevents the V shape that can otherwise form.
The hose is a key factor in spreading technology. As such, the hose material and composition of the plastic have been developed specially for Vogelsang over several decades. The combination of raw materials that we use for our special hose is characterized by high robustness, elasticity, and UV resistance. This makes the hoses resistant to the effects of chemicals and environmental influences. The unique manufacturing technique we use for our rigid end hoses brings additional benefits. The hose sections used as end hoses are always straight and absolutely dimensionally stable. Your advantage: there is no need for guide elements, which are heavy and prone to wear, and the hoses always remain open and do not stick. Furthermore, this rigid end hose configuration ensures defined strip spacing.

Options of the SwingUp

The unit is designed to be mounted on a 4-point hydraulic system.
Maximum hose diameter for maximum spreading performance from precision distributor to hose end, with a uniform DN 50 hose nominal diameter.
On request, end hoses can be delivered in DN 50 to ensure that the whole process runs even more smoothly.
The separate DropStop can be used to prevent dripping or increase distance from the ground during spreading. This is done by folding the hose tips up 180° without moving the entire linkage into the transport position.
When this option is selected, the flow of liquid manure and oil to one of the two precision distributors is sealed off. This allows you to adjust to a half-tramline over larger working widths and smooth out wedges in the field. It also prevents overlapping.
The front TeleShift allows you to combine larger linkages with compact tanks. It can also be used to set up various working widths without protrusion.
The rear TeleShift allows you to shorten the transport dimensions of your unit, leaving almost no linkage protrusion at the rear. This compactness makes maneuvering much easier.