Precise liquid manure spreading with the trailing shoe
Liquid manure spreading directly under existing crops

Minimal odor, reduced loss of nutrients – the general advantages of spreading liquid manure close to the soil are familiar to all farmers these days. But which spreading technology is the right one?

Like the dribble bar systems from Vogelsang, the success of the trailing shoes is due to the choice of materials and the design. For example, Vogelsang has managed to develop a shaft that is as sturdy as it is flexible. The trailing shoes follow the soil contour without deviating from the defined line distance.

The trailing shoe linkage from Vogelsang is generally delivered as a preassembled SwingUp Slide or SwingMax Slide for working widths of up to 30 meters. Various additional functions help optimize part width management and make it easier to transport the linkage on roads.

Balancing cost-efficiency and precision with Vogelsang

Whenever liquid manure needs to be spread on pasture land or among growing grass or crops after sowing, trailing shoes are a good option. The skid-shaped attachment divides the growing plants in order to spread the liquid manure directly at the base of the crops. This not only protects them from soiling, it also ensures better absorption of nutrients above the plants’ root, resulting in better growth and higher yields.

Trailing shoe linkages from Vogelsang

If you have decided on a trailing shoe distributor, Vogelsang offers two very differently designed models. The SwingUp Slide is particularly suitable for compact setups thanks to its low weight. The trailing shoe distributor is based on the tried-and-tested, reliable Vogelsang technology and is available for working widths of between 12 and 18 meters. The versatile linkage is also very easy to mount.

The SwingMax Slide, with a working width of up to 30 meters, provides even greater impact for an exceptionally cost-effective, uniform spreading of liquid manure. The weight-optimized design and the many equipment options for the trailing shoe system provide the ideal conditions for optimum part width management and safe transport on roads.

Vogelsang trailing shoe distributors feature the hydraulically driven TopSwing folding technology and the TeleShift option for retracting the booms. These enhancements were developed to allow flexible set-up for different working widths. Combined with the Comfort Flow Control, or CFC for short, the discharge hoses and trailing shoes that are not needed are simply shut off. Retracting or folding in the booms also helps reduce the transport width, making the tractor/trailer combination suitable for transport on public roads. And the DropStop mechanism prevents liquid manure dripping out during transport by folding up the entire linkage.

The BaseRunner extra module for existing dribble bar linkages

Even if you already own a dribble hose distributor, it is worth considering retrofitting it with a Vogelsang trailing shoe. No matter which linkage and hoses you use, the liquid manure can be spread under growing crops with the help of the BaseRunner trailing shoe, without soiling the plants.

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