Engineered solutions for highly viscous and abrasive media
Robust and powerful industrial pumps and macerators

Whether in the gas and oil industry, the chemical industry, the food sector, or recycling – efficient and safe pumping of abrasive, aggressive or highly viscous media remains a major challenge in the transport and disposal process. Depending on the industry, it is important to do more than just ensuring a safe, trouble-free process. The pump technology must be adapted to the respective medium. While grapes must be transported to production in the best possible condition, packaging waste must be macerated before it is forwarded to make it pumpable. Rubber solutions, paints or detergents require particularly high suction power, while contaminated media or media with high solids content can push pumps and macerators literally to breaking point.

The pump and shredding technology used in the industry must therefore not only be extremely high-performance and low-maintenance, but also flexible and equally gentle and resistant. The elastomer-coated rotary lobe pumps invented by Helmut Vogelsang in 1970 owe their excellent reputation to their compact design and low maintenance requirements. The pumps operate pulsation-free, despite their high power. This protects the mechanical components and increases their lifetime. Add to this the company's experience and history of innovation. As a solution-oriented partner, Vogelsang always manages to develop new, application-specific pumps and machine combinations that meet changing customer requirements. Equally carefully tailored shredding technology supplements a product line that covers the widest possible range of functions and economy.

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Resistant pumps and grinder for demanding media

Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps, shredders and grinders guarantee the trouble-free handling of difficult and demanding substances and thereby ensure efficient processing. Their designs and functions are well engineered and sturdy, making them ideal for heavy loads and stresses in the food and beverages industry.

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Versatile pumps for safe pumping of viscous and aggressive liquids

The unique internal geometry of the Vogelsang rotary lobe design ensures a gentle pumping action that will not emulsify oily water, and ensures the efficient movement of material through the unit.  The pumps are also great for tank cleaning, pipeline maintenance, and for sludge removal from slop oil pits. They are available in several models of reliable pumps suitable for both light and highly viscous oils and petrochemical products.

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Compact, maintenance-friendly pumps for the logistics industry

Tank trucks transport chemical substances, oils or liquid media from the food industry. It is important that the vehicles can be filled and emptied quickly and precisely. The reversible flow direction of the Vogelsang rotary lobe pump means that both processes can be carried out with just one pump.

Robust and powerful pumps for chemical applications

The chemical industry is a very challenging sector with many different processes and stringent requirements. Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are designed to provide trouble-free, maintenance-friendly and economical pumping.

Optimized pumping and shredding solutions for diverse industrial applications

With the broad, combinable product portfolio from Vogelsang in the area of ​​pumps and shredders, a wide variety of applications in the industrial sector can be served. Abrasive grinding media contaminated with solids, as well as highly viscous, aggressive and shear-sensitive media can be processed and pumped with high or low pressure with a wide variety of delivery rates.

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