Spotlight on 90 years of Vogelsang history
Identifying opportunities and developing demand-driven solutions

“Innovation has been our driving force since Vogelsang was founded in 1929. Developing ideas and products continuously is what makes us successful.”

Harald Vogelsang, Managing Director at Vogelsang.

Founded by Hugo Vogelsang as a sawmill in 1929, Vogelsang is now a owner-managed, internationally oriented machine construction company specializing in technically high-quality machines in the fields of agricultural technology, biogas, industry, transportation and wastewater. Our company’s strength has always been identifying the customers’ requirements and finding functional solutions for them, and remains the same to this day. This is our passion. We optimize products until they meet our quality standards and exceed our customers’ requirements where possible.

We are proud of our company history. Now, in our 94th year, Vogelsang is being overseen by the third generation of managing directors with each generation making its own unique mark on the company. Dive into the historic world of Vogelsang.

Vogelsang’s history at a glance

1929 – Hugo Vogelsang founds a sawmill in Bunnen

In 1929, cooper Hugo Vogelsang establishes a sawmill with 10 employees in Bunnen, Lower Saxony. Early products include wooden barrels, washing containers for milk cans and fodder silos. Later, they added first products with mechanical components such as the rocking washing machine.

1954 – Vogelsang produces the 20,000th wooden barrel

Vogelsang rapidly becomes one of the most prominent manufacturers of agricultural tankers in North Germany. By 1954, the company has already produced 20,000 wooden barrels, which equated to an extraordinary production output at that time. The company began to focus on spreading technology at an early stage. This focus would go on to become very important for Vogelsang.

1960 – Helmut Vogelsang assumes management of the company

In 1960, Helmut Vogelsang took over management of the company. From that point on, the qualified mechanical engineer concentrated on new designs in response to the constantly rising challenges.

1965 – Headquarters are relocated from Loeningen-Bunnen to Essen Oldb.

To make room for the company to grow, new headquarters, 3600 m² in size, is built in the neighboring Essen/Oldb. in 1965.

1970 – Invention of the elastomer-coated rotary lobe pump

From 1970 on, development and international patenting of the elastomer-coated rotary lobe pump marks the start of the transition from a wood-working to a metal-working company. As a result, the robust and foreign matter-resistant rotary lobe pumps can be used as self-priming pumps in the agricultural sector for the first time.

1980 – Invention of dribble bar technology

Vogelsang has been deeply rooted in agricultural technology since its establishment. In 1980, the company launches an efficient and in particular environmentally friendly spreading technology: the dribble bar. Invented by Burkhard Verhülsdonk, it makes economical use and environmentally friendly spreading of liquid manure as a resource possible for the first time – not least thanks to the outstanding spreading accuracy and reliable technology. Today, Vogelsang is a market leader in the dribble bar system sector.

1985 – Maria Vogelsang-Verhülsdonk becomes the new Managing Director

Maria Vogelsang had already held the position of Managing Director of the company, in addition to working as a PE teacher, since her husband passed away, but decided to take over the management of the company full-time in 1985 after commercial difficulties.

1988 – First Vogelsang subsidiary founded

In 1988, the first Vogelsang subsidiary is founded in Denmark, ringing in the company’s expansion to more and more new countries. Vogelsang now has over 25 locations worldwide. In 2014, the 20th subsidiary, Vogelsang Austria, is founded in Austria.

1992 – Hugo Vogelsang joins the company

In 1992, Hugo Vogelsang joins the company. The qualified engineer readies his father’s company for the future: He pushes new product development by developing calculation and simulation software. He also prioritizes flexible production with significant vertical integration. During this process, the company continues to focus on the Essen/Oldb. location.

1996 – Invention of twisted HiFlo rotary lobes

In 1996, Hugo Vogelsang makes a ground-breaking invention: the twisted HiFlo rotary lobe. This special form of rotary lobe enhances the smoothness of the rotary lobe pump, especially at high pressures, which also reduces vibrations and noise to a very low level. These pulsation-free lobes remains an important component of Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps to this day.

1996 - Development of vacuum wastewater disposal systems

Extending rotary lobe pump applications to the field of vacuum pumping systems in 1996, Vogelsang successfully gained access to the new market of vacuum drainage systems. This allowed to provide innovative solutions for train care maintenance facilities, ensuring safe and hygienic disposal of the contents of waste water retention tanks on rail carriages. Today, Vogelsang is the market leader in the field of vacuum disposal systems for train care maintenance depots and has expanded its disposal solutions to the marine and bus sector. Water supply facilities and cleaning facility solutions complete the product portfolio for the transportation segment.

1997 – Harald Vogelsang joins the company

In 1997, Harald Vogelsang becomes a member of the Management Board. The business graduate sets himself the goal of positioning the company internationally to future-proof it. With his brother, Hugo Vogelsang, he forms a successful duo combining business and technical expertise.

2015 – Maria Vogelsang-Verhülsdonk receives an award for her life’s work

In November 2015, Maria Vogelsang-Verhülsdonk is honored by the Oldenburger Münsterland Network. She is presented with the award for her ‘Entrepreneurial Life’s Work’ in a grand ceremony. The event, held in Cloppenburg Town Hall, is attended by more than 400 guests from the fields of commerce, administration and politics. ‬

2017 – Spin-off of Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG

On July 1, 2017, Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH founded the spin-off company Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG. With this step, the Essen/Oldb.-based machine construction company is spinning off all operational business areas to the new company.

2019 – Vogelsang celebrates its 90th anniversary

In 2019, Vogelsang turns 90. The regional crafts business has now become an international mechanical engineering corporation with over 25 locations and just under 1000 employees worldwide. The headquarters in Essen/Oldb. has also grown considerably in size, with halls currently spanning over 28,000 square meters. In 2018, Vogelsang generated a consolidated turnover of roughly 112 million euros.

2023 – Vogelsang expands its management board

Detlef Ruhmke has joined the management team as Chief Operation Officer (COO). He is responsible for purchasing, production, logistics and quality management. Michael Brinkmann joined the management team as Chief Sales Officer (CSO). He is responsible for the strategic development of the Sales, Service and Back Office divisions.