Pump systems for special cases
Innovative pump technology squared

Some pumping processes require additional functions. But generally, this leads to problems relating to issues of space, installation possibilities etc. With pump systems from Vogelsang, our customers benefit from powerful pump technology combined with that certain something extra.

  • Combinations of cutter and pump: Designed specifically for the biogas sector, our pump systems consisting of a macerator and rotary lobe pump (BioCut) or progressive cavity pump (CC- Cut) can shred, pump and separate out foreign matter in a single process.
  • Filling liquid manure tankers: We developed the FillMaster systems for optimum tank filling in agricultural operations, biogas plants or in liquid manure storage facilities. The effective solution for the liquid manure chain, with trouble-free filling at any location.
  • Pump for the wine industry: The Vogelsang wine pump was developed specifically for the wine industry. The all-in-one system is ready for immediate use pumping grapes, must and wine very gently.

The perfect pump system for any application

Combining different Vogelsang products is especially useful when it comes to typical problems such as media with high foreign matter content or a lack of space. For example, a cutter or a foreign matter separator can be connected upstream from a pump and they can be installed together as a complete unit. These coordinated, space-saving product combinations provide useful overall solutions that can be individually adapted to solve each specific application.

The pump with the upstream cutter

With BioCut and the CC-Cut, we offer our customers two different pump systems consisting of a pump and cutter. These can each be configured in different sizes.

The particle size of fibrous matter is reduced by the cutter, heavy material is separated out and the medium is made more homogeneous. This helps protect the downstream pump and other units. Treating the medium also optimizes the subsequent process, making it more effective and cost-efficient.

The BioCut is a special combination of a rotary lobe pump with an upstream RotaCut. This combination of a sturdy rotary lobe pump from the VX series and the powerful cutter for liquid media ensures cost-effective treatment and pumping of suspensions in the tightest of spaces, keeping the footprint to an absolute minimum. This concept is particularly popular for industrial applications and in the biogas segment.

If your specific application requires a progressive cavity pump combined with a cutter, the Vogelsang CC-Cut is the solution for you. This system can also be tailored to customer requirements, thanks to the wide variety of series and possible throughput rates, ensuring the best possible pump system for each customer.

Tank filling station – for when you need to fill a tanker to the top

In the FillMaster M and FillMaster S, we offer our customers both a mobile and a stationary tank filling station. While the mobile version can be transported by a tractor from the farm or biogas plant to the individual filling locations, the stationary version is installed at a fixed extraction point. The arrangement, with an optional foreign matter separator, a pump and a subsequent riser pipe, makes it possible to separate out foreign matter and to fill the barrel from above. This allows the barrel to be filled to the top with only minimal foaming. There is no need for time-consuming coupling and uncoupling.

Wine pump – preserving the quality of the wine

Because we know what’s important when it comes to wine making, the technology of our wine pumps is robust yet sensitive at the same time. When transporting grapes, grape must and wine, great care is required to maintain the quality of the product. Vogelsang has extensive experience when it comes to gentle pumping of sensitive materials and viscous media.

Vogelsang supports wine makers with rotary lobe pumps that carefully transport grapes and wine and which can be individually modified for systems of any size. For smaller wineries, we have mobile solutions that can be used anywhere thanks to special hoses. For larger systems, there is equipment suitable for stationary installation.

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