Protect your downstream systems from heavy material
Debris management systems by Vogelsang

Debris management systems by Vogelsang offer optimal protection of downstream components against damage or clogging caused by foreign matter, such as stones, metal, wood or similar undesired materials. Depending on the application or task, these systems can be designed as purely separating unwanted heavy material from liquid media (DebrisCatcher) or as a system, that enable the separated heavy material to be discharged and disposed of (Debris Removal System, Debris Lift Unit).

The debris management systems are especially favored for applications such as liquid manure technology, biogas plants and the wastewater sector, as well as many other industrial applications. They are primarily used for pump protection to prevent clogging in pipe systems as well as to safeguard downstream processes. Vogelsang takes great care to ensure that heavy matter is reliably filtered out, with minimal loss of the desired medium. Our special design allows the debris management systems to be used without modification for separating out many types of undesired materials, such as stones, metal or wood. The generously dimensioned interior of these devices serves to reduce flow speed and calm the medium, thereby minimizing mechanical work and rotation speeds – which reduces energy consumption.

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