The right grinding technology for every application
For smooth and optimized processes and protection against malfunctions

Grinding technology is needed for many different applications: Whether for avoid blockades caused by wet wipes in sewers, cut down foreign matter and prepare the suspension in biogas plants or for treatment of various food remnants in the food industry. Systems for the management of debris and heavy material are a good addition in many cases for easy and efficiency handling of the separated out foreign matter. This serves both for conditioning the respective medium as well as for protect downstream components used in subsequent process steps.

The special features of Vogelsang grinding technology

As an experienced manufacturer of grinding technology, we are continuously further developing our products. Because they are relied upon in a diverse range of applications and sectors, we have the opportunity to learn more about our customers' specific requirements, which allows us not only to deliver solutions for everyday problems, but also to select and deliver appropriate products to cater to highly individual processes.

Wet grinders – grinding technology for liquid media

The wastewater and agriculture sectors, as well as biogas plants, primarily require pumping of liquid media. This usually contains foreign matter that can result in problems in downstream systems. For instance, pumps can become clogged due to wet wipes or entangled material. Customers can rely on the wet grinders from Vogelsang to effectively combat these problems.

Maximum cutting performance with reliable foreign matter separation

  • Reliably shreds fibrous and foreign matter in liquid media
  • Optimally tailored components for every application
  • Inimitable cutting performance thanks to optimized self-sharpening cutting geometry
  • Optional Automatic Cut Control (ACC) for permanently constant cutting performance and maximum service life of the cutter unit components
  • Sophisticated housing design for high separation efficiency
  • Easy to maintain due to good accessibility of the cutter unit components

For use in

  • Agricultural technology
  • Biogas
  • Industry
  • Wastewater

The ultra-robust twin-shaft shredder for major challenges

  • Economical shredding of solid and disruptive matter such as wet wipes, wood, fabric, trash and waste
  • Efficient protection for pumps and system components from clogging, blockages and damage
  • Long service life thanks to rugged design
  • Fast access to all individual parts yet less service and maintenance work
  • Added reliability thanks to cartridge mechanical seal technology

For use in

  • Wastewater

Adaptable, heavy-duty machine mix for particle reduction and pumping

  • Individual engineered unit
  • Compact and sturdy
  • High availability thanks to quick-and-easy service
  • Added safety due to cartridge mechanical seal technology
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Optional: measuring and control technology
  • Optional: stainless steel for demanding applications

For use in

  • Industry

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