RotaCut RC5000 Inline: Troublefree dewatering

Case Study - hanseWasser Bremen GmbH


Malfunctions of centrifuges in dewatering


Vogelsang-RotaCut® RC 5000 Inline with ACC

The customer and the problem - Malfunctions during dewatering

hanseWasser Bremen GmbH operates 2,300 km public wastewater sewers as well as two WWTP in Farge and Seehausen. Both plants together serve over one million PE. Each year, 50 million m³ wastewater is treated and 16,000 tons sewage remains. However, WWTP Seehausen is designed for an peak capacity of 1 million PE. On average 130,000 m³ of wastewater is cleaned every day.

When charging our two centrifuges for dewatering, malfunctions are often caused by entangled fibres and other fibres in the sludge.

The solution - Efficiency dewatering

"We installed two RotaCut Inline macerators with ACC in front of the centrifuges to treat the sludge before feeding to the centrifuges. Thanks to the homogeneous sludge without long fibres, malfunctions are avoided and dewatering runs safer,” said Mr. Weddermann from hanseWasser.

RotaCut reliaby chops down all fibres and rags in sludge. The ACC allows the blades to be adjusted automatically keeping an even pressure at all times. Furthermore, the sludge is homogenised in the process, which provides smooth operations of the centrifuges. Malfunctions, operational interruptions and unnecessary maintenance for fault clearance are avoided with RotaCut and ACC.

Advantages of the Vogelsang RotaCut

  • Reliable maceration of fibres and rags
  • Sludge is homogeneous and flowable
  • Automatic blade adjusment
  • Protects equipment and ensures troublefree and smooth operation of dewatering

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