Oenological pumps 4.0
Case Study - Oenological pumps


Need for more operators for the transfer and emptying of the fermenting vats


Vogelsang VX136-210Q VVA oenological logical pumps with touchscreen control panel and app

The customer

The Val D’Oca winery in Valdobbiadene was founded in 1952 and produces Prosecco superiore DOCG and Prosecco DOC Treviso in about 18,000 bottles a year. Since the 2018 harvest, they have begun using the Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps technology.

“The main features of this pump are speed, ease of adjustment and lightness" - Andrea Zannoni, winemaker

The experience

At the Valdobbiadene establishment there are three Vogelsang wine pumps: one in middle pressing, for the transfer of the musts, and two that transfer the musts in the first fermentation tanks and then for the decanting.

Thanks to the touch screen control panel connected to the application on a smartphone that allows accurate remote control, the operator can decide the transfer speed at any time: they can move as much or as little volume as required.

For example, in Val D’Oca the constant pressure function is used at 0.5 bar in common transfers and - 0.2 in constant vacuum transfers. Thanks to the constant vacuum function, the tanks can be completely emptied.

The pump is very light and can be carried anywhere. The lobe system ensures silent operation; there are no vibrations and thus wine stress is reduced.

Finally, the smartphone application allows the pump to be managed even remotely, considerably facilitating the work: two operators are no longer needed for the transfer or filling operations, one person can now easily do these tasks.

Advantages of Vogelsang’s oenological pumps

  • No vibrations, silent
  • Delicate pumping of grapes, must and wine
  • Reduction of oxygenation
  • Easy transport
  • Remote control via app
  • Possibility of programming automatic work cycles
  • Self-priming, with high suction capacity