Powerful agricultural technology for efficient slurry spreading
Slurry spreading technology from Vogelsang – from dribble bar to trailing shoe applicators

Wherever slurry is used in agriculture, it is essential to distribute this organic fertiliser precisely and with minimal loss and emissions. It is therefore best to distribute the slurry close to the ground or to incorporate it directly into the soil. This is an issue that Vogelsang has been working on since before the statutory requirements for stricter slurry spreading. We invented the nutrient-efficient, low-level spreading technology using a dribble hose from the start .

Vogelsang’s spreading technology is divided into several categories:

  • Dribble bar systems: Vogelsang offers various dribble bar hose systems for low-level, low-emission slurry spreading from a tanker (SwingUp, SwingMax), for self-propelled vehicles (Compax) and for umbilical application systems (BackPac).
  • Trailing shoe systems:  The trailing shoe on the SwingUp Slide and SwingMax Slide linkage divides growing plants during the spreading process and deposits the slurry on the soil for an efficient use of nutrients.
  • Umbilical systems: With Vogelsang BackPac slurry spreading via an umbilical system opens up a whole new dimension, presenting a high-efficiency alternative especially for farms with rolling hills.
  • Precision distributors: The precise Vogelsang DosiMat and ExaCut precision distributors enable highly specific distribution for various spreading technologies.
  • Soil cultivation: Whether used as an equipment kit for tillage devices (SynCult) or as a stand-alone machine (XTill), these spreading variants provide major advantages for larger agricultural operations, thanks to their combination of two work processes.

Vogelsang slurry spreading equipment – economic, functional and versatile

Vogelsang’s slurry spreading technology helps reduce fertiliser costs. The technology behind this low-emission, highly efficient form of slurry application is as powerful as it is flexible. In addition to precise spreading of slurry with Vogelsang precision distributors, the wide range of spreading technology ensures optimised work processes with minimum time, thanks to intelligent dribble bar solutions and practical linkage widths. Combined with soil cultivation, highly efficient units for directly incorporating the slurry ensure exceptionally low-emission and economic spreading of slurry.

Precision distributors for precise distribution of nutrients

The centerpiece of all Vogelsang spreader devices is the tried-and-tested, globally used Vogelsang precision distributor for cutting and dosing natural fertilizer. This reliably shreds and separates foreign and fibrous matter. The different operating modes and configuration options for the three products offered provide farmers and contractors with the leeway they need for individual adjustments.

Spreading slurry with the Vogelsang dribble hose or trailing shoe

As controversial as slurry spreading is these days, it is not only about improving an operation’s profits, but it’s the humus content of the organic fertilizer that also helps bind nutrients in the soil. Thanks to our many years of experience and our technically mature product lines, Vogelsang is not forced to restrict itself to just one sector of slurry spreading technology. In the interests of maximum precision, we have developed dribble hose systems for towed and self-propelled vehicles. The optimum solution for umbilical application systems is a stable linkage that is attached to the towing vehicle’s rear hydraulics.

Our product range includes dribble hose models with extendable booms that use the TeleShift or TopSwing folding mechanisms. This provides greater impact combined with compact transport dimensions. With the corresponding vehicle and working widths of up to 36 meters, slurry spreading capacity on the field is fully. Uniform spreading across a consistent distance between the discharge hoses is ensured at all times. Any dripping when crossing roads is literally stopped by the DropStop function.

Spreading and incorporating slurry at the same time

The sturdy machines we have developed for the Strip Till method combine strip-based tillage and seedbed conditioning with slurry spreading in a single work step. The fertilizer is spread at root level, so the nutrients reach the plants’ roots directly and emissions are reduced to an absolute minimum. When it comes to row crops on arable land, these machines are therefore far more cost-effective and far more ecologically sound than conventional methods.

Vogelsang also offers an equipment kit to enable farmers and contractors to enjoy the advantages of direct incorporation using their existing cultivators or disk harrows: The SynCult can be easily retrofitted. This makes it possible to re-equip existing machines as devices that can incorporate slurry directly. For selected manufacturer partners, this has no effect on the manufacturer’s full warranty for the tillage equipment.


“Made in Germany” – a worthwhile investment

Modern and economically oriented agricultural operations are of course not only looking at their current demand for agricultural technology for spreading slurry efficiently, they are also thinking about the future. Which technology will also live up to its promise tomorrow? That’s why so many agricultural operations around the world have chosen Vogelsang quality with our combination of sophisticated and long-lasting technology. Because at Vogelsang, efficient slurry management and optimum use of nutrients consists of multiple factors:

  • Uniform distribution of the slurry into the hoses thanks to precision distributors.
  • Low-level slurry spreading using the dribble hose system we invented and continue to develop. Spreading slurry directly under the crop using trailing shoe technology.
  • The highly efficient combination of tillage and direct incorporation of slurry in a single step – with direct incorporation either in strips or over large areas.
  • Machines and machine enhancements that can be adapted flexibly to the required widths.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting machines that will remain state-of-the-art tomorrow.