The rotary lobe pump is a true all-rounder
First, we invented the elastomer-coated rotary lobe pump – then we perfected it

Every pump application is unique. That’s why Vogelsang offers a wide range of well-engineered, sturdy and powerful pump technology. Combined with our comprehensive series of features, options and continuous technical developments, we can provide the right rotary lobe pump for almost any application.

The most important characteristics of rotary lobe pumps are that they are self-priming even from a depth of as much as 9 meters, they are resistant to dry running, and they also retain their high degree of efficiency if the medium being pumped contains foreign matter. Our customers in all industries have come to rely on our pumps, with their capacities of up to 1,400 m3/h and pressures of up to 16 bar, they can reliably convey low-viscosity to highly viscous media, either pure or with a high solid matter content.

This is a decisive advantage when economical solutions are required.

Universal and versatile rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang

Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are exceptionally easy to maintain, come in an impressive range of sizes and designs, have numerous equipment options and material variants, and various drive possibilities and installation options. All the models have two things in common: a compact design and easy maintenance. With four pump series and various models, with up to eight sizes per model, Vogelsang pump technology can be adapted to almost any application, delivery rate and pressure range. It will economically pump anything that flows.

The VX series – the versatile rotary lobe pump from Vogelsang

The VX series is the all-rounder from Vogelsang. Currently comprised of five models, more than 25 different sizes, a wide variety of drive variants, and a comprehensive range of features and options, the rotary lobe pumps in the VX series are unbeatable. They can be individualized, custom-fit and installed in almost any application. Whether as a pump in agriculture, for applications in industry, in a sewage treatment plant or biogas plant, or for supply and disposal solutions in the transport sector – decades of experience from the inventor of the rotary lobe pump flow into the continuous improvement process for our pumps, ensuring satisfied customers across industries, now and in the future.

Thanks to key technical innovations, such as the InjectionSystem, our pumps are improved continuously. As proven in field trials, the InjectionSystem further expands resistance to foreign matter, extending the already long service life of the pumps by a factor of up to 2.5. At the same time, the innovative InjectionSystem has a positive impact on the suction of the rotary lobe pump and on its efficiency.

The VX series can be serviced quickly and easily on site with the QuickService design – without having to dismount the pump. Only the cover of the rotary lobe pump has to be removed to provide access to the most important components, such as the patented HiFlo lobes, the axial wear plates or the adjustable pump housing segments.

Optionally, Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps can also be installed in compliance with ATEX or the TA-Luft air quality control guidelines.

    The IQ series – the intelligent rotary lobe pump

    The IQ series is the intelligent rotary lobe pump for the industrial, waste water and biogas sectors. Like all other Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps, the IQ series is self-priming at depths of as much as 9 meters and it is resistant to dry running. The built-in InjectionSystem and the fluid buffer guarantee optimum suction that is not impaired even if the medium contains foreign matter. At the same time, the rotary lobe pumps in the IQ series are highly efficient, thanks to their computer-optimized design. The pump’s power is enhanced by low-pulsation conveying thanks to the Vogelsang HiFlo lobes and the ability to operate the pump in either direction. The compact design and the variable connecting parts in the IQ series allow you to install the pump in almost any position.

    Besides the classic advantages of Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps, the IQ series also boasts excellent maintainability. The pumping chamber consists of a central part that provides access to all the important wear parts simply by removing the cover. The wear parts have been reduced by half in the IQ series, compared to conventional rotary lobe pumps. This not only saves on spare parts costs, it also saves up to 30% in maintenance work overall. In addition to the smaller quantity of wear parts, the pump does not have to be dismounted or disconnected from piping. The pump can be serviced on site by the operator’s personnel or, if desired, by Vogelsang service personnel.

      The R series – the classic liquid manure pump

      In agriculture, liquid manure needs to be pumped out of deep pits or into tankers, so that the organic fertilizer can then be spread onto fields. These tasks demand pumps that are sturdy and flexible, which is exactly what Vogelsang offers in the R series. These are the classic Vogelsang liquid manure pumps. Because they can be used flexibly in agriculture, with their reversible flow direction and their compact design, the R series pumps have been winning over Vogelsang customers for decades.

      The FX series – the FarmerPump

      The FX series, or FarmerPump, is the liquid manure pump with extra features. With its block ring seal to industrial standards, built-in circulating oil lubrication and the rotating separation plate, this rotary lobe pump was developed specifically for agriculture and it offers optimum pump technology at affordable prices. Not least of its advantages: the rotating separation plate helps save costs on diesel and electricity. Fibrous matter in the liquid manure does not accumulate on the lobes, ensuring the pump’s full output is maintained. The FX series is available in eight sizes, it operates without torque increase, and pumps liquid manure at a maximum of 8 bar and at up to 4,500 l/min. The mechanical seal ensures a long lifetime for this flexible liquid manure pump for use on the farm. And thanks to the built-in circulating oil lubrication, no lubrication work will be needed in the future – time you can spend elsewhere.