The right grinding technology for every application
For smooth and optimized processes and protection against malfunctions

Grinding technology is needed for many different applications: Whether for avoid blockades caused by wet wipes in sewers, cut down foreign matter and prepare the suspension in biogas plants or for treatment of various food remnants in the food industry. Systems for the management of debris and heavy material are a good addition in many cases for easy and efficiency handling of the separated out foreign matter. This serves both for conditioning the respective medium as well as for protect downstream components used in subsequent process steps.

The special features of Vogelsang grinding technology

As an experienced manufacturer of grinding technology, we are continuously further developing our products. Because they are relied upon in a diverse range of applications and sectors, we have the opportunity to learn more about our customers' specific requirements, which allows us not only to deliver solutions for everyday problems, but also to select and deliver appropriate products to cater to highly individual processes.

Wet grinders – grinding technology for liquid media

The wastewater and agriculture sectors, as well as biogas plants, primarily require pumping of liquid media. This usually contains foreign matter that can result in problems in downstream systems.

For instance, pumps can become clogged due to wet wipes or entangled material. Customers can rely on the wet grinders from Vogelsang to effectively combat these problems. The XRipper twin-shaft grinder is available in various versions and can be installed inline, directly inside the channel, or in open shafts and pits upstream of inlets and discharges. The self-cleaning ripper rotors run at different speeds to shred the disruptive matter that the wastewater may contain, such as hygienic products, textiles and garbage.

Thanks to its integrated heavy material separator, the RotaCut macerator can separate out foreign matter contained in sludge or wastewater for removal at a later time. Floating matter is then effectively chopped down with a contact-based cutting principle. The RotaCut prepares the wastewater and homogenizes sludges. Not only does this prevents blockages and protect downstream systems, it also results in cost savings.

Use of wet grinders in agriculture makes sense primarily if the foreign matter contained in the liquid manure can cause problems. For instance, the RotaCut serves to protect pumps on tankers as well as for homogenization of the liquid manure during spreading. The less viscous and more homogeneous liquid manure is, the better.

The RotaCut wet cutter is also a favorite with biogas plants for conditioning substrates as well as protecting pumps. By chop down fibrous matter, for instance, it prevents the formation of floating layers and makes the organic suspension more homogeneous. Additional it lower the viscosity, which reduce the energy consumption of the mixers. The plant operator can therefore rely on smooth operation while also saving energy costs.

Solid matter grinders – making solid matter pumpable

The RedUnit solid matter grinder is a combination of pumping and grinding technology designed specially for the food and recycling industry. The medium is first run through a coarse grinding stage, which can optionally be followed by a more defined grinding stage, including foreign matter separation. It is also possible to add liquid in order to enable mixing and further pumping of the medium.

Potential industrial applications for the solid matter grinders include grinding of organic waste, such as fruit and vegetables, and grinding of crops. Fish and abattoir waste such as fish bones, entrails, bones and skin can be easily processed with this grinding technology. Other waste, such as a mixture of organic waste and plastic garbage, can be easily handled.