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Vogelsang machines and plants often have to handle very demanding requirements: pumps that transport corrosive media and cutters that macerate fibres and coarse matter are just two examples. In such cases, there is no avoiding the fact that wear parts need to be replaced from time to time. However, Vogelsang products are more cost effective for spare parts because they are designed to ensure that as few parts as possible come into contact with the aggressive media. This limits the number of elements that need replacing, thus saving you both time and money throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. How do I order spare parts? Our internal sales specialist can assist you with all your spare parts needs and can be reached at [email protected] or +353 91 394 570. More information on spare parts orders, deliveries and how to install spare parts is further explained below.

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The operating instructions - Everything you need to know at a glance

Are there any repair instructions available? Where can I find spare parts lists, safety instructions and maintenance information? You can find all this information in the operating instructions. This document includes all the important information on wear, maintenance intervals and instructions on replacing spare parts. As they also contain the safety information that needs to be observed when using our machines, you should keep the operating instructions to hand at all times. If you require further documentation, such as detailed exploded views or a special spare parts list for your particular products, please contact us.

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Your questions on spare parts

Our ordering FAQs

All spare parts orders for your Vogelsang product must be placed with our Internal Sales team by contacting +353 91 394 570 or sending an email to [email protected].  Alternatively, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

You will need your customer number and the Vogelsang serial number. Contact our Internal Sales team at +353 91 394 570 or, or enter them in the specified field in the form below.

The serial number of your machine is printed on the name plate. You can see an example on the right. Please have your Vogelsang serial number to hand whenever you contact us.

Our delivery FAQs

Spare parts are delivered from our warehouse in Dublin within 24 hours of the confirmed order. Place your order by 2:00 pm for next day delivery as part of our standard service. All other parts will be delivered from Germany, which will vary in delivery times.

Our transport costs vary depending on your location and the volume and weight ordered. We will calculate these costs for you during the quotation phase and list them separately on your order. This way, your order costs always remain transparent.

Depending on the shipping requirements, we use DHL, Spedition Dachser, Spedition Hellmann or NightStar.

Shipment tracking is possible with our standard service providers DHL, Dachser, Hellmann and NightStar.

If you need your spare parts urgently, you can pick them up from our central warehouse in Dublin on Monday - Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

If you order the wrong spare parts or end up not needing them after all, you can return them to us promptly. You will be charged 30% of the value of the goods or a minimum fee of €20.00 for inspection and restocking of the parts.

If you place a faulty order, you can return the goods in question to us. You will be charged for the cost of delivery, plus 30% of the value of the goods in question.

We check all orders thoroughly prior to shipment. If we make a mistake despite these efforts, we will obviously be happy to rectify our error at no additional cost to you.

How do I install my spare parts?

Get the economy service and take matters into your own hands

Vogelsang products are known for their easy maintainability. This means that you should be able to repair your machine and change spare parts yourself. On request, we will send you all the important documents you need for this work, such as repair instructions, spare parts list and maintenance information. Please contact us at or +353 91 394 570.

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Tutorials & training for your staff

Would you like to maintain your machine yourself or feel you need some assistance? Qualified Vogelsang technicians will be happy to help. Our courses are designed to give you a detailed understanding of your Vogelsang pump or shredding technology. Alternatively, we can also offer you help in the form of free video tutorials. For further details, visit our page on Training courses.

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Place your trust in Vogelsang

Would you rather place your trust in the skills of a professional? We are here to carry out any work you need! You can send your product to us for repairs, or arrange for us to come to you. Our extensive service network guarantees you fast, reliable assistance. Our Premium service with the Vogelsang maintenance agreement could be just right for you. For further details of all the above services, including our maintenance agreements, visit our page on Repairs & servicing.

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