Efficient and reliable technology for wastewater purification
Reduce costs for your sewage treatment plant and sewage system using the right technology

Safe and reliable disposal of wastewater, i.e. the detection, treatment and purification of municipal and industrial wastewater, is becoming more and more important for the protection of water ways and the environment, but also for sustaining quality of life. Municipalities, wastewater associations and private operators of sewage treatment plants and sewage networks are being confronted with a wide range of requirements and specifications designed by legislators to ensure the drinking water of tomorrow stays clean. To avoid the entry of noxious substances, heavy rain events need to be safely handled and the reliable drainage of wastewater ensured at all times. Heavy rain incidents need to have as few effects as possible on the quality of wastewater purification and the Wastewater Ordinance needs to be observed at all times to prevent contamination of waters and the environment. In addition surface water and wastewater need to be detected and sewered separately where possible. Wastewater should be discharged via the sewage system, and wastewater treatment in the sewage treatment plant also needs to be as energy-efficient as possible while conserving resources. Organic loads need to be decomposed, with nitrogen and phosphate safely eliminated. At the same time the focus is on heavy metals and trace elements, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical residue in the wastewater. The requirement to separate microplastics in the future and recover valuable phosphates is presenting yet more, new requirements for sewage technology.

At the same time demographical changes and changes in living habits are influencing wastewater collection and purification. Above all there is the wish to keep the costs for wastewater removal and purification as low as possible, and ideally to reduce them. Consequently wastewater technology needs to be developed and adapted on a continuous basis, incorporating the latest knowledge into building new systems for wastewater treatment and  purification, along with  expanding and upgrading existing systems so that water is purified as best as possible, ensuring the ground is stressed as little as possible.

Vogelsang has been a reliable and innovative partner for wastewater technology for decades. We offer our customers efficient components such as wastewater pumps, sludge pumps, grinders and disintegration systems for the economically efficient operation of sewage networks and sewage treatment plants. Every single one of our products is designed for economical, reliable operation. Coupling together several machines and optimal coordination of individual components using intelligent control technology enables us to provide efficient system solutions for individual problems.

Wastewater applications at sewage plants and channels

Pumps and grinders suitable for sewage treatment plants are the basis for economical wastewater treatment and wastewater purification. This means long-lasting technology with low operating costs and energy requirements that can be serviced and repaired quickly if required. All important parts can be replaced by your own personnel – on site without removing the pump or shredder from the pipes. As an alternative to this, a reliable and economical range of services is becoming increasingly important for many sewage works operators. Depending on individual requirements, this may range from simple shipment of spare parts to a full-service contract. It is precisely this diversity that we are able to offer for our Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps and grinders. From consultation and concept planning to after-sales service, we can accompany you at all times as a competent partner.

Reliable pump technology for treatment and pumping of wastewater and slurry

The various media are pumped in sewage treatment plants, including

  • Wastewater
  • Abrasive primary sludge/raw sludge
  • Secondary sludge/surplus sludge
  • Mixed sludge
  • Organic slime
  • Sewage sludge with a high level of dry matter content.

It is important here to use reliable and trouble-free pump technology that is designed for this wide range of media.

Universal wastewater pump for diverse tasks

In particular in small sewage treatment plants, a universal pump which can be deployed in several procedures and process steps is often required. The benefit here with the Vogelsang rotary lobe pump is the simple changeover of direction of flow while the pump capacity remains the same. In this way, using a single pump, wastewater and sludge can be simply recirculated between tanks and sump or fecal matter removed from disposal vehicles or tankers filled with sewage sludge. Since delivery rate is proportional to speed, the efficiency can simply be variably adjusted via the variable frequency drive while the delivery rate remains the same. By taking into account dry matter content and the viscosity of a medium, pipe diameter and pipe length, the delivery rate of wastewater pumps and sludge pumps can therefore be adapted individually. In practice this means feeding of digestion towers, thickening and drainage is regulated and efficient, yet at the same time delivery with high pressure or over large distances is also possible. In particular when it comes to circulation in digesters, a high pump capacity makes a positive difference where space requirements are at a premium since little room is often available here for installation of a pump.

Wet grinders, regardless of whether they are twin-shaft grinders shredder or macerators, are the efficient solution for reducing the size of foreign matter and separating heavy materials in sewage treatment plants. Unlike integrated grinding units, with separate twin-shaft grinders or macerators, the design can be optimally adjusted to the application avoiding a compromise having to be made for speed between pump operation and the shredder function. In this way foreign matter in wastewater or sludge is shredded economically and pumps and other units are reliably protected from foreign matter.

Reliable static thickening and digester circulation

Entangled materials from digesters clog up sludge pumps and block mixers unless they are protected by a shredder. The XRipper wastewater grinder shreds and reduces entanglements and foreign matter like wood or plastic parts to an easy-to-handle size. This protects pumps from damage and clogging and ensures pipelines remain free. At the same time, twin-shaft grinders based on the contactless principle of operation are low-wearing and will win over customers due to their long service lives.

No chance for entangled materials and floating layers

Hairs and fibers from textiles or cotton swabs cause the formation of entangled materials and floating layers in digesters. Even small amounts of entangled material will render sludge inhomogeneous, increase the required drive power and have a negative effect on drainage and mechanical thickening. Contact-based macerators like the RotaCut are self-sharpening grinders, which even cut fibers and hairs, thereby macerating them. This prevents the formation of entangled materials and prepares sludge homogeneously. It also leads to more uniform operation of decanters and centrifuges and improved draining or thickening.

Reliable, trouble-free pumping of sewage and wastewater in the sewage system is essential. For this the sewers and pipes need to be sufficiently sized for heavy rain events, and minimal water quantities should not lead to deposits in dry periods. At the same time, installation space is often at a premium. For this reason users will often ask which lifting stations have low space requirements. Do wastewater pumps need to have a dry setup or is this recommended - for instance to prevent an ATEX design in wet applications? If so, this usually means that the wastewater pump can prime and needs to be resistant to dry running. Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps from the VX series and IQ series are outstanding as wastewater pumps. They are compact, can be installed in the smallest of spaces and require extremely little room due to what is known as their hitched design. At the same time, they can be serviced or repaired quickly and simply on site. They also cater to the growing requirement for higher delivery heights or pressures, enabling increasingly longer distances from large central sewage works to be handled. Furthermore, they can prime wastewater from deep sumps as they are highly resistant to dry running.

Grinding of foreign matter in wastewater

Time and time again, municipal sewage or commercial and industrial sewage contains foreign matter that has no business being there. This enters the sewage system in various ways, where it causes considerable problems. Sewage network operators are therefore on the lookout for technical solutions that can handle foreign matter. Wastewater grinders like the XRipper twin-shaft grinder or the RotaCut macerator with integrated heavy material separators win customers over due to their many qualities and features.

The XRipper wastewater grinders reduces foreign matter contained in wastewater like wet wipes and textiles to unproblematic sizes. These solids are then so small they no longer cause clogging or blockages in downstream wastewater pumps and fittings but are large enough for them to be filtered reliably from the wastewater by a screen. The contactless principle of operation is important for low-wearing operation here while the range of installation options also plays an important role. Wastewater grinders can be installed in three four ways:

  • In the classic, highly easy-to-maintain design with geared motor for installation in pipeline networks
  • In a vertical arrangement with the motor arranged above the XRipper where space is at a premium.
  • With an open housing for use in sewers or assembly directly in front of inlets, outlets of central shafts and pump sumps
  • Equipped with High Capacity Units for extremely high volume flows in large channels and in inflow lines of sewage treatment plants

With all four designs, operating companies also profit from our unique QuickService concept where all wastewater grinders are low maintenance and can be repaired or serviced on site quickly and simply.

Highly compact heavy material separation and maceration

Another essential function that is often found in sewage systems is the separation of heavy material like stones and metal parts as well as the macerating of foreign matter like waste and wood. In older open sluices for instance, an adequate screen and/or foreign matter separator is often lacking in front of the wastewater pump. Due to upgrades, partial upgrades, and the considerable variations in regional developments, each application is often very different from the other so that individual solutions are required for the relevant volume flow, available space or the maximum electrical power available. The RotaCut macerator by Vogelsang comes in an extensive range of models with numerous features and options, and reliably separates heavy material, macerates floatable disruptive matter and even shreds stubborn foreign matter like coarse pieces of wood using the AutoReverse function. Thanks to the sophisticated control technology, the wastewater macerator can be connected to remote maintenance and operating parameters are displayed online.

Whether used for rare pumping tasks, construction measures at sewage works, or in emergencies like floods, there are lots of different applications for mobile pumps. For this reason mobile pump unitsneed to be able to handle the widest range of media such as:

  • Municipal sewage
  • Industrial wastewater including where loaded with chemicals
  • Fecal matter
  • Sewage sludge
  • Liquid manure
  • Oil and old oil

It is important here that the unit can be transported quickly and simply and commissioning is equally simple. The basis for this is individual configuration of the overall unit, entirely according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

The individual wastewater pump for individual application profiles

When it comes to mobile pumps, if the mobile unit is to be operated self-sufficiently and independently, we recommend a drive with combustion motors. Where the relevant vehicles are available however, a mechanical drive using a cardan shaft is a low-cost option.

Yet if the mobile pump only needs to be moved within a small area, assembly on a hand trolley or simple trailer will suffice. And for rare usage locations that are far away, assembly on a rigid frame is a good variation, as this way the mobile unit can be loaded via forklift truck or crane. Maximum mobility is offered by assembly on a vehicle trailer, which enables relatively fast and simple transport of the unit.

Vogelsang VX series and IQ series rotary lobe pumps are ideal for mobile use due to their wide range of features such as they are self-priming and resistant to dry running, have a large free passage, and can also pump highly abrasive media or media with high dry matter content. If a variable delivery rate is required, the pump is operated using a variable frequency drive. Alternatively, a drive using a combustion motor is also possible. The Vogelsang rotary lobe pump is also ideal where long distances need to be covered.

Case studies of wastewater applications

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