CC series

The QuickService progressive cavity pump

  • Easy and quick to service with minimal space requirements
  • No disassembly of the discharge-side and suction-side pipes necessary
  • Variety of options for changing parts
  • The Quality Cartridge mechanical seal can be changed without opening the pump
  • Sturdy cardan shaft with protective sleeve

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CC series – the easy to use CavityComfort progressive cavity pump

The CC series was developed for harsh applications in which long downtimes for service and maintenance work are not acceptable – such as pumping freshly mashed organic suspensions, i.e. highly viscous media loaded with large quantities of fibrous solid matter.

The QuickService design is one-of-a-kind. Vogelsang has managed to decisively improve the tried-and-tested concept of the progressive cavity pump: Compared to conventional progressive cavity pumps, service and maintenance work is significantly quicker and takes up less space, because the innovative QuickService design means there is no need to disassemble parts of the pipe. All essential parts, including the gasket, can be quickly and easily changed, so the pump is soon operational again. Even the mechanical seal in the trusted Quality Cartridge design is easy to replace in the CC series.

At the same time, attention was paid to creating a sturdy and fault-resistant design; features that are essential for biogas plants: The large free passage is ensured over the entire length, preventing clogging and blockages caused by coarse disruptive matter such as foil residue and wood. The sturdy design of the drive line, including the cardan shaft, makes the progressive cavity pumps in the CC series ideal for high dry matter content and media loaded with foreign matter. This means that the unique overall concept of the CC series ensures long service lives, short downtimes for service and maintenance, and low operating costs for your biogas plants.

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One key feature of the CC series is its swiveling mechanism, which means that the pipe does not need to be disassembled. The rotor and stator are swiveled upwards or to the side as a single unit.

Additional information:
A generously sized cardan shaft with two cardan joints ensures reliable transmission of the drive power in the CC series from the parallel shaft geared motor to the rotor. A sturdy sleeve – which doesn’t even have to be disassembled when changing the rotor – protects the shaft against solid and fibrous matter and against foreign matter in the medium.

Additional information:
The shaft seal in the CC series is sealed using the tried-and-tested Quality Cartridge, which can be replaced without needing to open the pump. When the motor is removed, the seal is accessible from the drive end, where it can be replaced with just a few motions. Of course, it can also be changed through the pumping chamber after dismounting the cardan shaft.

Additional information:
The CC series offers many options for replacing parts. If the pump needs to be operational again quickly, the stator and rotor are replaced as a single unit. It is also possible to replace the entire rotating unit. Alternatively, the stator and rotor can be replaced one after the other, as in conventional progressive cavity pumps.
Thanks to the optimized suction housing, the large free passage of up to 108 mm in the CC series pumps is ensured throughout the entire length. This prevents clogging and blockages in the suction housing caused by foreign matter and disruptive matter.


The StreamLine suction housing is flow-optimized and variable; with the help of suction flanges in different sizes and forms (DIN/inch), it can be adapted easily to the specific application, arranged either vertically or horizontally.
Multiple pipes in different sizes and types can be connected directly to the MultiConnect suction housing, quickly and easily. The housing also features a built-in foreign matter separator.
Depending on the model and application, the rotor and stator of the progressive cavity pumps in the CC series are available either in a single-stage standard geometry (M1) or a two-stage standard geometry (M2) for higher pressures. Long geometries (D1) are available specifically for highly viscous, abrasive media.
In the standard model, sturdy parallel shaft geared motors are used for the drive and they are mounted directly on the drive shaft. There is no additional coupling. Alternatively, the CC series pumps are fitted with a bearing bracket. They can then be driven by a geared motor or a power take-off, for example.

Progressive cavity pumps are rotating, positive displacement pumps. The basic principle of the progressive cavity pump was invented in 1930 and it is based on a rotor turning in a stationary stator. The rotor is shaped like a feed screw with a large pitch and flight depth and a small core diameter, and it rotates eccentrically in the stator. The stator, in turn, is shaped as a matching but double-threaded internal screw with a double pitch. Due to the geometry and the eccentric rotation of the rotor, cavities form, enclosing the medium and pumping it evenly from the suction side to the discharge side; the second flight of the stator acts as a pumping channel for the medium. Thanks to this pumping concept, progressive cavity pumps feature pumping at stable pressures proportional to the speed. Progressive cavity pumps in the CC series are particularly suitable for abrasive, viscous media such as sludge and organic suspension, even when they contain large quantities of coarse foreign and disruptive matter and/or need to be pumped against a high pressure.

The CC series boasts the innovative QuickService concept, which offers multiple possibilities for replacement of the rotor and stator and for sealing change.

Fast changing of parts

If the pump needs to be operational again as quickly as possible, the stator and rotor are replaced as a single unit. It is also possible to replace the entire rotating unit without dismounting parts of the pipe on either the suction or discharge sides. To do this, simply remove the screws on the angled flange connection and on the pump housing. The unit can then be swiveled upwards or to the side, after which it can be removed and replaced with a new unit. The replaced unit is then reconditioned while the pump is back in service – either by the operator itself or by our service department or one of our pump service partners.

Changing individual components

Alternatively, as with a conventional progressive cavity pump, once the rotor-stator unit has been swiveled out, you can also remove and replace just the stator. If necessary, you can also replace the rotor separately.

Practical sealing change in the CC series

The CC series progressive cavity pumps also offer two options for changing the Quality Cartridge mechanical seal. It can be replaced from the drive end, quickly and completely independently of work on the pumping elements, once the parallel shaft geared motor is removed. Alternatively, the Quality Cartridge can be replaced through the pump housing after the cardan shaft has been removed.

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