Worldwide number one – The BlackBird® and the ExaCut ECQ
Quality leadership in distribution accuracy and maintenance

The ExaCut ECQ precision distributor was put through its paces when Vogelsang faced up to the strict test criteria of the DLG product testers. And it was a success. According to the DLG evaluation scheme, the precision distributor achieved the grade “Very good” in the test modules “Functionality and work quality” and “Handling, operation and maintenance” from the DLG testing framework for liquid manure application technology. The 15 m wide Vogelsang Blackbird trailing shoe system was tested with two ExaCut ECQs.

Customers benefit from excellent values in distribution accuracy and time. Both for liquid manure spreading and maintenance, which is unbeatable with a maximum of 20 minutes compared to conventional precision distributors.

The test results

  • Functionality and work quality: VERY GOOD. The quality of the average distribution when level and the initial behavior at the liquid manure outlets when beginning liquid manure application (spreading wedge) were tested.
  • Handling, operation and maintenance: VERY GOOD. Typical operating steps and maintenance work to be carried out were tested.

The test with cattle and pig manure showed excellent distribution qualities

For three out of four test attempts during testing, the average deviation of the described distribution quality was only around 1.7%. The best value of 1.1% was achieved, which corresponds to a variation coefficient of 1.4%.

The full working width of the Blackbird trailing shoe system is achieved very quickly after the spreading process is started. It takes between 0.9 and 2 seconds for the liquid manure to flow out at all outlets of the precision distributor. Standard maintenance work can be carried out in simple steps and without special tools. The excellent accessibility to the maintenance points was met with resounding approval. Another plus point: Maintenance work can be carried out in an upright posture.

Comparatively quick replacement of shredding tools in the distributor head. During testing, which was carried out by 5 independent testers, the average value was only 18 minutes and 33 seconds.