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Solid matter feeding plays a key role when it comes to the economical operation of your biogas plant. Vogelsang offers you reliable systems for feeding any input materials in its best form to foster bacteria. This way of optimal feeding increases the gas yield and reduces the energy required for mixing, stirring and pumping. Together with you, we will analyse your existing biogas plant to identify improvements to increase overall efficiency.

To improve a biogas plant for the long-term, we adopt a careful approach when working with our customers:

  • Detailed analysis of the biogas plant
  • Review potential measures
  • Deciding together on technical solutions
  • Implement efficient technology for the digestion line
  • Continued service and consultation

Learn more about our biogas solutions and get advice from our experts at our upcoming exhibitions:

Energy and Rural Business Show Ireland
23 – 24, October 2019: The Hub, Kilkenny
Stand 42

Biogas Convention and Trade Fair
10 – 12, December 2019: Nuremberg, Germany
Hall 09, Stand B33

Optimise the digestion line with
PreMix®, the universal 4-in-1 liquid feeding system

Many plant operators underline the benefits of modern wet feeding, which optimally feeds and treats solids prior to the fermenter feed. A versatile digester feeder like Vogelsang’s PreMix clears the way for using alternative and lower-cost substrates, such as grass silage, agricultural residues and food waste. This gives operators greater flexibility in the feeding of biomass, and the potential to adapt their biogas plant to different input materials. The PreMix combines separation, mashing, preparation and pumping in one compact unit to allow for a homogeneous organic suspension to be fed into the digester(s).


Reliable digester feeding solutions for any biogas system

The powerful pump system

Specially developed for biogas plants with mixing tanks: a combination of the Vogelsang positive displacement pump and RotaCut® macerator.

  • Reliable and trouble-free processing and conveying of highly viscous bio suspensions
  • Reduces harmful solids and separates heavy material in front of the pump
  • Low space requirements
  • Easy maintenance and parts change on-site


The economical liquid feeding system

Cost-effective digester feeding for easy or pre-treated solids like fruit and vegetable waste, dry pet food or corn silage.

  • Easy to integrate with compact dimensions
  • Separates heavy material like stones before entering the pump
  • Economical feeding of several fermenters with one system
  • Simple service and parts change on-site


The universal 4-in-1 liquid feeding system

The ultimate 4-in-1 system for all feedstock and food waste that separates, mashes, treats and pumps with just one unit.

  • Separates heavy material and reduces coarse, fibrous matter before the pump
  • Low space requirements and easy to install thanks to compact dimensions
  • Feeding of several fermenters with one unit
  • Easy maintenance and parts change on-site


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