The ExaCut ECL precision distributor fits all your spreading needs

Saving time, money and work on the farm requires reliable technology, especially when it comes to spreading slurry. Finding the perfect distributor is a decisive factor for the best slurry application, and the ExaCut ECL precision distributor has proven itself in the market time and time again. Whether you're looking for reliable spreading technology or adapting to your spreading application and regulations – the Vogelsang ExaCut ECL is the best distributor!

With more than 5,000 units operational in Ireland today, the ExaCut ECL has won over farmers and contractors with its excellent cutting results, blockage prevention and simple, fast service. Always adapted to the challenges and requirements of the agricultural sector, precision distributors by Vogelsang do precisely what you want them to: spread slurry quickly, reliably and economically. Read below what farmers and contractors say about our ExaCut ECL precision distributor.

    ExaCut ECL Precision Distributor
    The best cutting results and maximum performance

    The ExaCut ECL provides the highest cutting performance. In just one-step, the ExaCut ECL precision distributor reliably cuts fibrous material in the slurry, separates foreign objects like stones and evenly distributes the slurry to the spreading system's hoses. The 3-in-1 system prevents blockages and enables smooth slurry distribution. The cutting blades' sharpness is maintained over the whole service life due to the direction change and the eccentric adjuster pressing the knives onto the cutting ring with constant pressure.

    Precision Distributors by Vogelsang offer you:

    • The best cutting results
    • Maximum reliability
    • Efficient operation
    • Easy service and long life

    More Information

    Jamie Hurley, Hurley Agri Services

    Jamie Hurley from Hurley Agri Services is a contractor and owns a dairy farm in Co. Waterford. He now applies slurry with a 9m SlurryKat dribble bar and an integrated ExaCut ECL.

    "With my new spreading system and integrated ExaCut ECL, I can work much more accurate. With the splash plate I used before, it was taking too long for the slurry to work. Now I can deposit the slurry precisely and in the correct quantity. That is why the slurry gets in grazing now sooner, and I can go back on the fields earlier."

    Stephen Smyth, Evergreen Fields Limited

    Stephen Smyth is the Company Director for Evergreen Fields Limited  Transport and Agri Services in Co. Galway. He works around 10,000 hectares annually and spreads about 10,000 tons of bio-solids digestate. Stephen uses a Major Equipment Disc Injector with the Vogelsang ExaCut ECL.

    "The ExaCut ECL convinces me with its low maintenance and easy operation. We have been using the precision distributor from Vogelsang over the years with no major issue. It is a good durable product built to take abuse and last. Robust and service-friendly technology plays an important role for me."

    Ruairi Delaney, Contractor and Farmer

    Ruairi Delaney is a farmer and contractor in Co. Mayo. For efficient slurry spreading, he relies on the dribble bar system with an integrated ExaCut ECL.

    "I had to go for a low emissions slurry spreading system because I was too high in nitrates for a splash plate. We now get more value from the slurry through controlled spreading and the ExaCut ECL distributor. We can spread the slurry more easily and more often. The ExaCut is also lighter and compact for our system.

    ExaCut ECL in Action

    Paul Barrett, tillage and beef farmer in county Kerry, uses low emission slurry spreading with a 7m trailing shoe. Paul's goal is to maximise the value of his slurry, especially with the rising costs of artificial fertiliser. Check out Paul's spreading system with the Vogelsang ExaCut ECL in this video.

    “The benefits of the ExaCut ECL are its ease of use and good, even distribution, whether thick slurry or thin slurry. I’ve had no issues, and I am happy how the Vogelsang system fits in with my spreading system.” ~ Paul Barrett

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