Proven in practice: the ExaCut ECL precision distributor

Whether you're looking for reliable spreading technology or adapting to your spreading application and regulations – the Vogelsang ExaCut ECL is the best distributor! As the heart of all spreading systems, the ExaCut ECL precision distributor is an essential technology for slurry spreading and has proven itself in the market.

With more than 5,000 units operational in Ireland today, the ExaCut ECL has won over farmers and contractors with its excellent cutting results, blockage prevention and simple, fast service. We consider the bigger picture, ensuring you get slurry onto the field reliably, quickly and precisely, because economic farming is vital to us.

Precision Distributors by Vogelsang offer you:

  • The best cutting results
  • Maximum reliability
  • Efficient operation
  • Premium quality workmanship

More Information

    ExaCut ECL Precision Distributor
    The best cutting results and maximum performance

    The ExaCut ECL provides the highest cutting performance. In just one-step, the ExaCut ECL precision distributor reliably cuts fibrous material in the slurry, separates foreign objects like stones and evenly distributes the slurry to the spreading system's hoses. The 3-in-1 system prevents blockages and enables smooth slurry distribution. The cutting blades' sharpness is maintained over the whole service life due to the direction change and the eccentric adjuster pressing the knives onto the cutting ring with constant pressure.

    Thanks to its service-friendly design, farmers can efficiently operate the ExaCut ECL. The easy-access service hatch allowing access to all essential components - even when installed. With all wear parts stocked in Ireland, wear parts can be readily available by directly contacting your local OEM or dealer. Check out the service video below to see ExaCut’s innovative parts and how easy it is to service.

    Service Video

    Paul McDonald Chose the ExaCut ECL
    The ExaCut ECL provides consistent cutting without the blockages

    Paul McDonald is a farmer in Laois with around 220 cattle and 250 sheep. McDonald uses a 7-metre trailing shoe to spread about 55,000 gallons of slurry each year. He replaced his previous distributor, which was blocking and malfunctioning, with the ExaCut ECL from Vogelsang. The excellent and consistent cutting ability and the even distribution of the slurry to all hoses convinced him. McDonald also benefits from the easy-access service hatch allowing access to all essential components - even when installed.

    "Since installing the ExaCut ECL, I do not have any blockages in the macerator or pipes any more. It is easier to spread slurry. We can also reverse the macerator, keeping slurry flowing and knife-sharp for twice the lifetime use. While I used to be able to spread up to two loads of slurry in one hour, with the ExaCut ECL, I now manage twice that amount at the same time. I should have picked the ExaCut ECL a lot earlier." ~Paul McDonald, Farmer in County Laois

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