Debris Lift Unit (DLU)
Debris Lift Unit (DLU)

Dispose of heavy material automatically
Debris Lift Unit (DLU)

  • Heavy material discharged by the DRS is automatically transferred into a collecting vessel
  • No longer necessary to manually take away small quantities of heavy material on a regular basis
  • No manual monitoring and interventions are necessary for handling foreign matter
  • Can be combined with a wide variety of collecting vessels
  • Quick and easy to install or retrofit


The DLU operating principle
How the Debris Lift Unit works

Supplemented by the DLU, the Debris Removal System (DRS) discharges the separated heavy material directly into the conveyor cage of the Debris Lift Unit (DLU). The heavy material is then conveyed upwards by a chain drive and tipped into a collecting container. The entire process is controlled fully automatically. Monitoring and manual intervention are no longer necessary. Thanks to a tipping height of well over 1 m, collecting containers with a large volume can be used and only need to be emptied occasionally. As a result, handling heavy material is more hygienic and there is no longer any need to regularly take away small quantities of heavy material. In addition, the manual control makes maintenance and cleaning easy.

No hands needed: Fully automatic disposal of heavy material
Debris Lift Unit (DLU) for biogas applications

Large amounts of heavy material often get into biogas plants via solid and liquid input materials such as liquid manure, dung or organic waste. There they are separated in order to prevent malfunctions and damage to the system. With the Debris Lift Unit (DLU), Vogelsang offers operators of biogas plants the very first unit that enables the previously separated and discharged heavy material to be disposed of into a collecting container fully automatically. Manual work is no longer necessary; the amount of time and effort required for handling heavy material is significantly reduced and the overall efficiency of the biogas plant is increased. The system can easily be retrofitted to the DRS.

Features of the DLU

The Debris Lift Unit is based on robust and durable technology. There is hardly any maintenance work.
The DLU is driven by a compact, torque-controlled 230 V electric motor with integrated end position control. No other electronic components or sensors are required.

Options of the DLU

Container with rollers and forklift pockets optimally coordinated with the DLU. The liquid-tight steel trough holds 600 liters and is easy to empty thanks to its tipping mechanism.

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