A portrait of the Dutch subsidiary Vogelsang B.V.

From a Dutch machine dealer to a manufacturer and supplier of customer-oriented solutions: this is Vogelsang B.V., a subsidiary of Vogelsang with headquarters in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

Four years ago Vogelsang took over the company, which was founded as Bos Benelux B.V., and the central distribution partner in Benelux after more than 30 years of close partnership. Since 2019, the subsidiary has been operating under the name Vogelsang B.V. and thus sees itself as part of the Vogelsang group of companies.
From Dordrecht, around 20 employees currently manage the distribution of Vogelsang and complementary third-party products in the Netherlands and Belgium. The product focus is on pumps as well as shredding, distribution and spreading technology. “We operate close to our customers and with Vogelsang as a strong parent company, we are able to offer customers the entire range of experience, know-how and service of an internationally positioned mechanical engineering company. We look for the optimal solution for each of our customers. "This is what sets us apart,” says Paul Roobol, Managing Director of Vogelsang B.V.

“We operate close to our customers and with Vogelsang as a strong parent company, we are able to offer customers
the entire range of experience, know-how and service of an internationally positioned mechanical engineering company.”
Paul Roobol, Managing Director of Vogelsang B.V.

Focus on agriculture and biogas – industry firmly in view

The Dutch Vogelsang subsidiary focuses on the agricultural and biogas sector and is also increasingly targeting industrial sectors such as the food industry, but also petrochemicals and other areas of the marine sector. While Vogelsang products are strongly represented in the Netherlands in the agricultural sector and in Belgium in the biogas sector, there is still potential for growth in the industrial sector. Roobol: “Here we
want to grow sustainably and further sharpen our profile as a manufacturer of customer-oriented and reliable solutions.” For this purpose, Vogelsang B.V. has, for example, a high-quality and powerful portfolio of rotary lobe pumps and shredders. These can be used in numerous industrial applications, such as in the processing and treatment of residual materials in the food industry or for pumping highly viscous, chemically aggressive media such as paints, acids or heating oil.

24/7 service, of course

In addition to consulting and solution-finding, service plays an important role for Vogelsang B.V. and is a central part of the business strategy. Three members of the almost 20-member team work in the service area, which includes after-sales services and services related to spare parts procurement. The subsidiary also offers its customers 24/7 support. “The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. That is why we always seek to be close to them. Only in this way can we learn about their current needs and requirements. This is also the driving force behind the development of the Aeromix for the agricultural industry,” says Roobol.

Aeromix – innovative liquid manure mixing system

The Aeromix is an innovative liquid manure mixing system originally developed in Great Britain, optimized by Vogelsang B.V. and adapted to the requirements of Dutch farmers. In the Netherlands, liquid manure is usually collected and stored in the barn below the slatted floor. If the liquid manure is not moved, it begins to produce dangerous gases such as hydrogen sulphide, methane, carbon dioxide and ammonia.

These gases are invisible and pose a health hazard to humans and animals. The air quality in the barn also suffers. And that’s not the only danger: some gases produced by liquid manure are highly explosive when they come into contact with a spark, for example from burning cigarettes or grinding work. Stirring up the liquid manure minimizes these hazards. But here too, caution is called for, as improper stirring can intensify the effect of the gases.

Vogelsang B.V. has tailored the Aeromix to these demanding requirements. The hose system lies on the bottom of the liquid manure channel and releases air bubbles as required. This has the effect of mixing the liquid manure vertically. In further development Vogelsang B.V. has determined the optimum size and quantity of air bubbles through extensive research and simulations. The result is that the Aeromix reduces the escaping gases by 50 percent and is therefore one of the decisive factors for the production of a high-quality natural fertilizer with many valuable nutrients. “We have already sold more than 1,000 systems and are working hard to get the Aeromix certified,” says Roobol.

Growth in all segments

The goal of Roobol and his team is to have a stable presence in the various markets in the Netherlands and Belgium and to grow in all segments – wastewater, agricultural technology, biogas, industry, transport technology – through a strong service portfolio. In the transport technology segment, for example, a number of major projects are pending, such as with NedTrain, the leading company for rail vehicle maintenance in the Netherlands. Vogelsang B.V. already supports NedTrain with supply and disposal systems for passenger trains and will intensify this cooperation. In the biogas segment, the Vogelsang subsidiary will further expand its leading position in Belgium in equipping biogas plants with the parent company’s broad product portfolio. And beyond that? “Strategically and organizationally we have realigned and positioned ourselves in recent years through the merger with Vogelsang. This process is not yet complete. Another recent step in this direction was the go-live of our new website, which is now integrated into the web presence of the Vogelsang Group and can be reached at Internally, we are in the process of further streamlining processes in order to be able to respond to our customers in an even more targeted manner and to find the optimal solution for them.”

Short portrait of Paul Roobol: Managing Director and industry expert

Born in 1966 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Paul Roobol has worked in various management positions in mechanical engineering for over 30 years and is therefore an expert in the industry. Before his current position as Managing Director of Vogelsang B.V. (since the end of 2018), Roobol was already Sales Manager at Bos Benelux. Previously, he was director of the Dutch site of a German company that offers system solutions for the distribution of liquid fuels. Roobol entered the mechanical engineering industry as a sales representative for a technical trading company and later as sales manager for a pump manufacturer in Benelux. As Managing Director at Vogelsang B.V., Roobol promotes close cooperation with customers. His passion is to find the best solution for each customer – through the expertise and wide range of products offered by Vogelsang and other providers.

Vogelsang B.V. and the Vogelsang Group: Milestones of the partnership


  • Founding of Bos Benelux B.V. by Bert Bos with the profile to act as a machine dealer of pumps, as well as shredding, distribution and spreading technology of various manufacturers in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • In the same year, the partnership with Vogelsang also begins, initially primarily in the areas of agricultural engineering and biogas.


  • Acquisition of Bos Benelux by Vogelsang


  • Change of name from Bos Benelux B.V. to Vogelsang B.V.
  • Change in the management: Founder Bert Bos hands over


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