New rental model for sewage solutions

Sewage treatment companies and plants are currently facing new challenges. Those without toilet paper are reaching for alternatives, which often clog up pump systems. Vogelsang XRipper solutions offer fast and reliable help for this.

“The situation is getting worse. We need to take urgent action in order to keep sewage systems running properly,” says Harald Vogelsang. The reason for this? Nothing less than the current hysteria surrounding toilet paper. When the stores are out of toilet paper, people start looking for alternatives. Common choices include tissues, paper towels and wet wipes. However, such products are often responsible for clogging up pumps and sewers. In this acute phase, fast action is essential. The situation has peaked too quickly, and the COVID-19 crisis has now reached the sewage sector.

“Wastewater companies are an important part of system infrastructure. Your employees ensure that sewers and sewage treatment plants function perfectly. These silent heroes deserve our thanks and the best possible support.”
Harald Vogelsang

This is why Vogelsang has approached sewage companies and treatment plants in Germany with a new rental model for its sewage solutions. Such businesses can now rent out Vogelsang twin-shaft grinders.

Telephone consultation, delivery, connection – done!

First of all, our experts explain to the German companies over the phone which of our macerator solutions will fit their system. Vogelsang delivers the selected model and rents it out to the operator. No rent is charged for the first four weeks of use.

“Our rental model enables municipal authorities and sewage treatment plants to respond quickly to the additional strain on the system and prevent blockages in their pumping stations,” says Harald Vogelsang.

From large channels to minimal space requirements

The wastewater grinders of the XRipper series can cut up wet wipes, cleaning cloths and other disruptive matter in sewage so small that it can pass through the pumping station and into the sewage system without any problems. The current carries the solid matter to the XRipper, where it is shredded by the monolithic XRipper rotors. From models such as the further developed XRipper XRG186 for large sewers and high flow rates to compact variants such as the XRipper XRP for
in-line installation in pipework, Vogelsang offers a wide range of maceration solutions. The extra-slim models of the XRipper XRC100 series can also be installed in
open channels with widths of just 30 cm.

If you are interested in a Vogelsang XRipper for your municipal authority or sewage treatment plant, please check possibilities with your local subsidiary or contact: sales@vogelsang.info.