Trailing shoe systems – Making sure liquid manure only goes where it’s needed
Trailing shoe systems by Vogelsang

Starting in 2020, strip spreading will be a legal requirement for liquid manure. But even without this new legislation there can be hardly any doubt that this system is the best option for farmers, thanks to the efficiency of modern distribution technology. After all, nutrients cost a pretty penny, and that alone is reason enough to make sure they don’t go to waste.

Especially on grassland, a trailing shoe system is the most accurate way of spreading liquid manure – more precise than a dribble hose, even. Trailing shoes separate the crops while driving over them, so the manure can be deposited in a thin strip beneath the shoots. This keeps the plants themselves clean and prevents the manure from growing out with the shoots, allowing it to get closer to the roots. This process has a positive impact on more than just the yield. 

The suspension in the trailing shoe systems applies a certain amount of pressure on the skids, plowing a small furrow in the soil, into which the liquid manure is deposited. The suspension also helps to compensate for unevenness by keeping the shoe in constant contact with the ground, thus ensuring that the furrow is straight and even in depth. On the other hand, their suspension system means that trailing shoe systems are considered relatively unstable and susceptible to vibrations. But those days are gone – at least for those who use Vogelsang’s new trailing shoe systems. We have also come up with innovative solutions to the issues of wear experienced in older trailing shoe systems.

Benefits of trailing shoe systems from Vogelsang

  • Precise spreading of liquid manure at the base of the plants
  • Economical and efficient use of nutrients
  • No plant contamination
  • Highly effective and relatively lightweight
  • Low wear and maintenance

Perfection through technology

Whatever the system, the principle applied to strip spreading close to the ground is always the same: like dribble bar systems, trailing shoe systems extract the liquid manure from a tank and feed it to the discharge hoses via a precision distributor. The difference can be found at the end of these hoses, where the trailing shoe is fitted with a special discharge and robust skids. These need to be sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of the system, separate the crops and plow a small furrow in the soil. The latest generation of Vogelsang trailing shoes also has a shape that has been optimized for better penetration and longer service life.

In order to ensure that the same quantity of liquid manure is always applied everywhere, Vogelsang uses not only high-tech precision distributors, but also a unique hose layout: all the hoses have an nearly identical length, no matter how far away they are from the distributor.

The system suspension system is more complex than that of the dribble bar system, which often makes trailing shoes much heavier. Not with Vogelsang! Thanks to their technological features and weight-optimized design, our trailing shoe systems offer working widths of up to 30 m. And like all Vogelsang systems, they are easy to transport thanks to their folding, telescopic system and the DropStop mechanism.

What our customers say about our trailing shoe systems

Ole Beckmann, Beckmann GmbH & Co. KG Contractor

"The optimized skid divides the crop perfectly and the grommet provides a very narrow line of liquid manure."

Franz-Josef Otte, Lohnarbeiten Otte, Badbergen

"When it comes to purchasing a trailing shoe system, I expect good value for money. With the SwingUp Slide from Vogelsang we have spread around 30,000 m³ of liquid manure this year in South Oldenburg. What impressed me during test runs is the fact that the trailing shoe system is compact, tidy and powerful. The precision with which it deposits the liquid manure never ceases to amaze me."

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