Germán Salaya chose Vogelsang
The Vogelsang wine pump makes the production process of his wine more efficient

"I chose Vogelsang because the wine pump improves our efficiency and processes."
Germán Salaya, Winemaker, Cruz de Triana, Chile

Wine has been successfully grown in Chile for over 470 years and exported all over the world. We have been producing and selling our wine for many years. In order to meet customer requirements, our goal is to keep the quality of the wine at a high level while further optimizing the manufacturing process. However, we experienced a problem pumping red and white wine with their different solids content. The fermented must of a red wine was filled into a container by hand and then put into the wine press using a lift truck. Due to this uncovered process, there was a risk that dust or other foreign particles could get into the must during the reloading process and thus contaminate the tanks. We wanted to make this manufacturing process more efficient and hygienic to prevent this issue. In search of a good solution, we turned to Vogelsang for support and it didn’t take long to come to an optimal decision.

Today, we use the mobile wine pump with an intelligent control system from Vogelsang. With the help of this pump, the must with skins is pumped directly into the wine press. The result is a 50% increase in press capacity and reduced manual labor and filling times. The use of the pump creates a closed system that eliminates the need for conveyor belts and lift trucks. The piping with a large pipe diameter also prevents pulsation within the system, which also benefits the quality of the wine.

Customer portrait: Cruz de Triana, Chile

The company Cruz de Triana, Chile
Testimonial Germán Salaya
Position Winemaker
Employees 8
Services Wine production
Production 180 hectares of wine-growing area, annual production of 2.3 million liters of red and white wine
Products and Solutions from Vogelsang VX136-210Q wine pump