Camping experiences without odor impairments
Case Study - Camping Piper, Italy


Recurring bad smells and malfunctions of the sewer lifting systems.  


XRipper XRC100-320QD

The customer and the problem

The Piper campsite, managed by the Pecchia family, takes its name from a Roman club which was famous in the legendary 60s. Since then, the campsite has been managed with love and professionalism by the owners.

As usual, Camping Piper offers it's guests showers and bathrooms in a central location. The wastewater is collected in an underground pit and then pumped into the sewage system. Especially during the summer season, when the campsite welcomes many tourists, it often happens that waste clogs the lift pumps, as many pieces of plastic, rags and harmful matter are flushed down careless and end up in the underground pit.
For the Pecchia family that means, they need to open the underground pit, pulling out the pump and solve the clogging. In addition to the extra effort of 3-4 hours each time in the strainful summer season, unpleasant odors come out of the pit and affect the camping experience of the guests.

The solution

The owner family wanted to eliminate the problem once and for all and looked at different solutions, including shredders. When they saw the Vogelsang XRipper XRC for submersible operation, they asked for quotation.

They installed the XRipper direct in the pit in front of the pump. Since then, the clogging problems of the sewage lifting pumps were thing of the past. They carry out the summer season in complete safety and tranquility without facing any problems. Besides that, they can offer their guests recovery without unpleasant smells.

Advantages of Vogelsang XRipper XRC

  • Compact size
  • Driven by a submersible motor
  • Very low noise
  • Reliable shredding of the waste, contained in the wastewater

Benefits for the user

  • No more clogging in the sewage lifting pumps
  • The camping offers a superior quality of the camping to all the guests
  • Problems such as bad smells, bath malfunctions etc. are totally removed