RotaCut RC3000 Inline: Cost-effective alternative to swing-hammer mills
Case Study - Potato processing industry


Low-cost processing of potato pulp for use as feeding stuff


Vogelsang RotaCut® 3000 Inline

The customer and the problem

In the potato processing industry, large amounts of so-called potato pulp are generated - stewed peeling and production waste.
In the agricultural industry, it is used as feeding stuff for pigs, for example. However, it is important to shred the pulp extremely fine so that animals can digest it optimally and thus make best use of it.

Until now, large and expensive swinghammer mills were used for this. However, these machines entailed an enormous investment, which small companies often avoided.

The solution

The Vogelsang RotaCut is a cost-effective alternative to swing-hammer mills. For this specific application, a 8 mm perforated sieve is used which nearly processes the pulp into mashed potatoes. This is ideal to use it as feeding stuff.

Its stainless steel construction means that the corrosive potato pulp cannot harm it. There are no problems with chemical instability.

The purchasing and running costs are far lower than those of the swing-hammer mill. Furthermore the compact design is another advantage, which significantly reduces the space required.

Fine shredding potato pulp: No problem with Vogelsang technology.

Advantages of the Vogelsang RotaCut®

  • Excellent shredding performance
  • Compact design, requires little space
  • Low purchasing and running costs