BioCut RC5000 / VX136-70Q: Trouble-free pumping of a blood/feather mixture
Case Study - Slaughterhouse for turkeys


Clogging and foaming blood due to deficient shredding


Reliable treatment and pumping of a blood / feather mixture with BioCut®

The customer and the problem

In a slaughterhouse for turkeys, a blood/feather mixture is pumped into a tank. A combination of a rotary lobe pump with an upstream macerator was used for this purpose. The macerator was supposed to process the feathers contained in the blood with a speed of 1000 rpm, so that they could be pumped without problems.

Due to the non-contacting shredding principle of the macerator, which was unable to reliably shred the feathers, it regularly became clogged. As a consequence the blood frothed up, the tank could only be filled to a max. of 2/3rds and as a further consequence it had to be emptied more often. In addition, maintenance work was also regularly needed in order to rectify the clogging and clean the macerator, which was difficult since access was limited.

The solution

A BioCut with a VX136-70Q rotary lobe pump with an upstream RotaCut® RC5000 wet macerator solved the problem.

The contact-based cutting principle of the RotaCut reliably shreds the feathers, which are then pumped pulsation-free with a VX136-70Q rotary lobe pump equipped with HiFlo® lobes directly into the tank, which can be used to 100%. Thanks to the quick service design, both units are very service and maintenance friendly. However, this is much less required since they function reliably.

Advantages of the Vogelsang Vogelsang BioCut

  • Reliable shredding of fibrous and coarse matter in a medium
  • Pulsation-free pumping thanks to HiFlo rotary lobes
  • Highly service and maintenance friendly thanks to QuickService design
  • Compact design