Rotary lobe pump VX100-128Q: Reduction of maintenance and material costs for tankers
Case Study - Speier GmbH


High maintenance and material costs


Compact VX100-128Q rotary lobe pump with QuickService

The customer and the problem

Speier GmbH, headquartered in Duisburg, is a manufacturer of tankers, tank assemblies, tank trailers and disposal and tank protection vehicles. The core business is tank assemblies for petroleum products from 3,000 to 26,000 liters. For a recycling company, Speier GmbH produced tank vehicles to pump waste oils with abrasive substances, contaminated fuels, and oil separator contents, among other things.

First, progressive cavity pumps were used on the tank vehicles to pump the material to be disposed. However, the customer was dissatisfied especially with the high maintenance and material costs. Together with the recycling company, we looked for a rotary lobe pump that would reliably transport the given substances and ensure fast, less expensive servicing.

The solution

The Vogelsang rotary lobe pump VX100-128Q was selected for this purpose. Its compact design makes it easy to assemble on the tanker, and the reversible direction of flow ensures easy loading and unloading of the vehicle with only one pump. The QuickService construction makes servicing fast, resulting in lowered material and maintenance costs for the end user.

Advantages of the Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps

  • Compact size and high capacity
  • High availability thanks to quick servicing and easy maintenance
  • Self-priming with a variable direction of flow
  • Insensitive to dry running