PierPump: Professional wastewater disposal for excursion boats
Case Study - Weisse Flotte Fahrgastschiffahrt Schwerin GmbH


Professional and efficient wastewater disposal in the port.


Use of PierPump160.

The customer and the problem

The Weisse Flotte Fahrgastschiffahrt Schwerin GmbH owns four excursion boats and offers regular tours on Lake Schwerin. The ships each have space for up to 250 people.

The collection tanks of the on-board toilets hold up to 4,000 L. During peak activity, the collection tanks must be emptied regularly in the port and fed into the sewage system. In the excursion business, it is important that the emptying works smoothly and reliably; at the same time the applicable environmental regulations must be observed in order not to pollute the water.

The solution

For this purpose, the PierPumpS160 is the suitable solution for compliance with legal requirements and efficient operation. The built-in Vogelsang pump VX100-45Q has a delivery rate of 180 L per minute and empties the tank of the on-board toilet in about 20 minutes. The special pistons inside the pump make it resistant to foreign bodies, so objects that have fallen into the toilet do not interfere with the operation.

Technical advantages of the Vogelsang PierPump

  • Efficient emptying of wastewater
  • Meets standard environmental protection requirements
  • Low maintenance costs due to robust construction and components
  • Easy handling