ACHEMA 2024: Vogelsang presents high-performance pump solutions for demanding media

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Essen (Oldenburg), Germany, May 7, 2024 – Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG will be exhibiting its range of efficient pump technology at the ACHEMA (June 10–14, 2024, Frankfurt am Main). At booth F64 in hall 8.0, the company will be presenting its rotary lobe pumps from the EP and VY Series as well as the HiCone progressive cavity pump. For the first time, Vogelsang will also be showcasing its new overflow cover that allows pressure equalization for rotary lobe pumps. The Automatic Supply Unit (ASU) seal supply system will also be on show at the booth.

“In the process industry in particular, we often have to deal with highly viscous and aggressive media. These can only be pumped efficiently using robust, reliable pump technology,” says Arne Wotrubez, Head of Sales Germany for Industry, Wastewater and Biogas at Vogelsang. “Our high-performance solutions meet these requirements and help industrial companies to make their processes more flexible and  at the same time  more economical.”

EP Series: pumping under extreme conditions

The rotary lobe pumps in the EP Series are designed for the most demanding conditions and high pressures – a high-performance gearbox enables a differential pressure of up to 18 bar, which is unique on the market to date. The pumps consist of a one-piece housing and reliably pump media at up to 200°C. Due to the high-pressure output and temperature limit as well as the wide range of seals, the EP Series is also suitable for applications such as in the oil and gas industry, the petrochemical industry and tank farms. 

HiCone progressive cavity pump: long service life

The HiCone conical progressive cavity pump features a constant delivery rate, durability, reduced life cycle costs and lower energy requirements. If a gap develops between the rotor and stator as a result of wear, it can be compensated for during operation. The rotor is adjusted axially, making the HiCone as good as new, which means there is no need for costly, time-consuming parts replacement. 

A cleverly designed adjustment system enables the HiCone to be individually adapted to the respective operating parameters, such as pressure and temperature. In addition, the intelligent automatic start-up system and adjustable clamping between the rotor and stator mean that a smaller motor is required than with conventional progressive cavity pumps. This innovation reduces the torque of the pump to a minimum – which increases energy efficiency. An integrated wear indicator keeps the user informed about the condition of the pump at all times.

VY Series: versatile with high efficiency

The pumps in the VY Series are suitable for a wide range of applications in the chemical, paper and textile industries, for example. They are based on the tried and tested VX Series from Vogelsang. The performance of the VY pumps ranges from 1 m³/h to 120 m³/h with a maximum pressure of 10 bar. Integrated sensors supply all the important information about the operating state of the pumps.

Overflow cover for pressure regulation

With the new overflow cover, Vogelsang presents an overflow valve that is integrated into the pump cover and triggered when the set opening pressure is exceeded. As the pressure builds up, the distance between the closing plate and the rotary lobe increases. The enlarged gap causes the pressure to drop again – effectively protecting the rotary lobe pump from overpressure and damage caused by pressure surges. If the pressure falls below the set opening pressure, the closing plate closes automatically. The overflow cover also features the integrated QuickService concept, a movable seal, a movement indicator and an optional opening sensor. 

ASU: compact seal supply system

The Automatic Supply Unit (ASU) seal supply system continuously supplies the seal with the appropriate sealing medium and maintains the necessary pressure in the sealing chamber. This protects the sliding surfaces and allows the seal to fulfill its task in the long term. The ASU is much smaller than conventional systems and can also be easily installed in confined spaces. It extends the service life of the seal by up to 100 percent. 

Vogelsang at the ACHEMA, June 10–14, 2024, Messe Frankfurt am Main: hall 8.0, booth F64