For the rough stuff

The industrial shredding machine for the rough stuff
Industrial shredding machine RedUnit XRL260

The Vogelsang RedUnitXRL260 is a powerful twin-shaft grinder with an innovative service concept. With its high throughput capacity of up to 100t/h, it is used when a variety of large, stubborn materials need to be processed in a short time, such as whole carcasses from cows, pigs and poultry. But the RedUnit XRL260 can also do a great job in processing organic waste and other areas of the recycling industry, driven by two geared motors of up to 37kW each.

Thanks to its innovative service concept, the rotor shafts can be removed from the side and replaced without having to dismantle feed and discharge systems such as conveyor belts. In the same way, contaminants can also be easily removed, so that interruptions to production are kept to a minimum.

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