The macerator for reliable and effective treatment of wastewater or sludge
The wet cutter RotaCut for wastewater applications

If fibers and entanglements in wastewater and sludge are causing problems, the macerator RotaCut is the solution. With its contact-based cutting principle the cutter even reliably chops down hair and the finest fibers of Q-Tips. Foreign matter contained in wastewater or sludge is also reliably separated in the macerator RotaCut's integrated heavy material separator (stone catcher). In this way, the cutter protects pumps and other components in the sewage treatment plant and sewers from damage caused by foreign matter while also preventing clogging. At the same time, the sludge is homogenized, which significantly reduces the costs and effort needed for sludge thickening and sludge dewatering. Thanks to the disintegration of the sludge performed by the macerator RotaCut, the decanter and separators run more evenly, free of interruption, to deliver superior dewatering performance. Integrated into the supply line of the digestion tower, the cutter finely chops down hair and fibers. The macerator RotaCut therefore prevents the formation of entanglements and floating layers, while also preventing disruptions during circulation or sludge removal. Specially adapted designs and sizes are available to make integration into existing sewage treatment plants as straightforward as possible. Comprehensive features and options enable individual adjustment to the on-site situation at the respective sewage treatment plant. Thanks to the macerator RotaCut's user-friendly service concept, maintenance and parts replacement can be performed quickly on-site. Simply pivot out the cutter head for optimal access; wear parts can then be easily replaced by sewage treatment plant staff or by a service partner.

Features of the RotaCut

Separation of stones and metal parts is important for ensuring smooth operation of the cutter itself as well as of the downstream pumps and components, and also to prevent damage and blockages they may cause. Each RotaCut therefore has an integrated heavy material separator.
Vogelsang uses its proprietary software to develop cutting screens with optimized geometry for every size-reduction ratio. For operators, this means the best geometry at all times for smooth running, with minimal wear. The cutting screens are produced from wear-resistant special steel and offer twice the performance since they are reversible.
The cutting screens are exposed to high loads in cutters like the RotaCut. This is why in the RotaCut, they are not merely supported at several points, but rather their entire surface lies on a stable holder. This reduces deformation of the cutting screen and enables easy and energy-saving cutting across the entire surface.
Chopping down media with a high solids content in a small space places a great strain on the cutting screens. This is why we have optimized the holder on both the Pro and RCX series: the cutting screen is additionally stabilized by a central support. This minimizes deformation of the cutting screen and also enables efficient cutting despite high load operation.
Cutting blades and rotors have a decisive impact on the RotaCut's cutting performance. The asymmetric blade rotors we developed in-house deliver optimal chopping down performance with minimal wear. The movable bearing of the cutting blades ensures continuous contact between the cutting screen and blades – a solid foundation for reliable cutting of even the finest fibers.
Each RotaCut has a blade adjustment function that ensures that the cutting blade and screen are always in continuous contact. This contact is what enables reliable cutting of even the finest, long-fiber fibrous matter, such as hair, industrial fibers and grass entanglements.
Thanks to their design all RotaCut products are easy to service and maintain. Just a few motions are required to gain access to the cutting tools, which can be replaced on-site. The RotaCut is ready for use again in no time at all. The RotaCut does not need to be removed nor the cutter head disassembled.

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Options of the RotaCut

The hole pattern of the cutting screens, along with the number of cuts, is decisive for the size-reduction ratio. To meet the requirements of every situation, we offer cutting screens for the RotaCut, depending on the size, with free passage from 4 mm to 50 mm. Stainless steel versions are available for aggressive media.

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The Automatic Cut Control (ACC) automatically adjusts the RotaCut's blades and maintains constant pressure between the cutting screen and blades. Moreover, the pressure can be adjusted during operation; as high as necessary and as low as possible. This extends the lifetime of the cutting blades and screen, and enables automatic operation.
ACCplus further reduces the cost of maintenance and monitoring of the cutter. It monitors the cutting blades status online and displays it on an external display. This means it's no longer necessary to place the cutter out of service and open it to determine the cutting blades status. Additionally, this information can be processed and displayed by the (central) control and/or remote control.
The Auto-Reverse function detects blockages, such as those caused by coarse disruptive matter, and initiates corrective action. By periodically reversing, the function further ensures that a pair of sharp cutting edges is always used while dull ones are sharpened on the opposite site. This delivers optimal cutting performance with reduced power consumption.

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For smooth operation of many plants, reliable foreign matter separation of stones and metal parts is a must, in addition to cutting. The adapted design of the heavy material separator is crucial. It has to be compatible with the requirements for the respective application as well as shredding. The RotaCut offers the most comprehensive selection of heavy material separators.
The Debris Removal System (DRS) available for the RotaCut RCX series enables regular removal of separated heavy material during ongoing operation. The system removes the heavy material with only minimal loss of medium (only around 15 l). In comparison to conventional solutions, the DRS reduces the work required by 80%.
The housing of the RotaCut is made of steel and is completely galvanized. Stainless steel variants are available for particularly aggressive applications. Cutting screens and blades are also available in steel and/or stainless steel versions.
Hydraulic or geared motors adapted for the prevailing conditions of the application are used to drive the cutter. A selection of geared motors with various power ratings and different speeds are available for every type, so the RotaCut can always be individually adapted to the respective application. The perfect motor is available for every task, from protection against fibers and coarse matter through to fine, homogeneous preparation of a suspension. Suitable cutting screens and blade rotors are available for individual adjustment of the size-reduction ratio.

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