The universal 4-in-1 fluid feeding system

  • Mashes a wide variety of biomass to a homogeneous organic suspension
  • Separates out heavy material and shreds the solids before the pump unit
  • Compact dimensions and easy to link in so its integration is uncomplicated
  • Easy to feed several digesters with just one PreMix
  • Easy and quick service on site

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PreMix - the universal 4-in-1 solid matter feeder for cost-effective digester feeding

Mixing a variety of solids with a liquid and mashing it all to form a homogeneous organic suspension suitable for bacteria – that is the PreMix’s strength. This is why the solid matter feeder is just as suited for renewable resources as well as other input materials – whether that means pasty food waste, bulky crops or organic waste.
One decisive advantage of the PreMix is its foreign matter separator and the preparation of the biomass, even before the integrated positive displacement pump: After the biomass has been fed to the solid matter feeder via a screw conveyor, the first step is to separate out the heavy material. Then, coarse particles are crushed and fibrous matter is shredded. Right from the start, this smart concept thus avoids damage from stones, metal parts and other heavy material and ensures that the biomass is properly prepared for the bacteria. One PreMix can supply several digesters. A drive power of 20 to 40 kW is sufficient (depending upon the model) for delivery rates from 30 to over 100 m^3/h.
Owing to its compact design, just a few square meters are enough to set up the PreMix – including space for service and maintenance work. This makes the installation and integration into new systems or the update of existing biogas plants easy, and operators can flexibly make use of the most varied biomass, without having to change the parameters for the solid matter feeder for every change. Combined with a Vogelsang Performance Cut Control (PCU), the solid matter feeder is ready to be automated.

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The PreMix is distinguished by its unique concept: In a PreMix heavy material is separated out and material with long fibers is shredded before entering the pump unit. This enables even difficult and demanding input materials to be reliably prepared, protecting the pump unit and significantly extending the service life.
The unique arrangement of the components and the direct connection between the RotaCut and the suction housing of the pump unit creates an extremely compact feeding system which is easy to integrate, even when retrofitting on existing systems. For four steps, you only need a few square meters, which includes space for service and maintenance.
Both for the progressive cavity pump in the CC series as well as for the RotaCut in the RCX series, all of the necessary service and maintenance work is easy to do on site, without having to disassemble the lines going to and from the units or any parts of the PreMix.
Both the RotaCut RCX cutter as well as the progressive cavity pump in the CC series are driven by a sturdy helical shaft mounting geared motor with a high operating factor. This is mounted directly onto the drive shaft so an additional coupling is not needed.
The housing parts are made of steel. The torsionally stiff design is the basis for the intensive preparation of the biomass in the smallest space. Hot dip galvanization protects the parts of the housing from corrosion.
A generously sized cardan shaft with two cardan joints ensures reliable transmission of the drive power in the CC series from the parallel shaft geared motor to the rotor. A sturdy sleeve – which doesn’t even have to be disassembled when changing the rotor – protects the shaft against solid and fibrous matter and against foreign matter in the medium.

Additional information:
Readjusting the blades in the RotaCut RCX with the ACCplus ensures that there is permanent, direct contact between the blades and the screen. It is only this contact which makes it possible to reliably shred materials with long fibers. In addition to this, the ACCplus monitors the state of the blades online, shows it on an external display and in the control system during normal operation.


The Debris Removal System (DRS) removes the separated heavy material during ongoing operation with no need to switch off or open the solid matter feeder or foreign matter separator. The system removes the heavy material with only minimal loss of medium (only around 15 l). In comparison to conventional solutions, the DRS reduces the work required by up to 80%.

Additional information:
The progressive cavity pump used in the CC series is optionally available with a two-stage geometry. This increases the permissible differential pressure, halving the pressure difference per stage, resulting in a longer service life, even with strongly abrasive media and/or high pressures.
On request, the Performance Control Unit (PCU) is available in a variant with a PROFINet connection.
The optional wide screen touch display offers an overview of all of the important information and settings, even outside of the central control. Built into the control cabinet door, all important details are easy to access and set via the intuitive menu.
Optionally, Vogelsang can also offer control hardware and software including the sensors from just one source.
All PCUs are equipped for access via remote maintenance. If access is activated and made possible, operators benefit from uncomplicated software updates and, when events call for it, we can quickly and easily support the customer.

PreMix combines four steps within a compact, space-saving unit. The universal feeder system is a combination of our progressive cavity pump (CC series) with the RotaCut RCX cutter, optionally equipped with the Debris Removal System (DRS). The biomass is introduced into the side of the system through any feed screw. At the same time, a liquid suspension (recirculated material, liquid manure) is added. In a single step, the PreMix turns this into a homogeneous organic suspension and pumps it into the digester. As the biomass is mashed into a homogeneous suspension which can be pumped, multiple digesters can be fed via a pipe network with one PreMix, and additional containers can easily be connected at a later time.

PreMix: Four steps in one unit
Separation, mashing, preparation and pumping – that is what makes the PreMix

  1. Contrary to many comparable feeder systems, the PreMix separates out heavy material from the input while still upstream of the integrated pump unit, which the Debris Removal System then removes during normal operation.
  2. The PreMix mixes solid and pasty input materials with a liquid suspension into a homogeneous suspension.
  3. At the same time, coarse particles and fibrous matter are shredded.
  4. This means that a well-prepared suspension, free of coarse disruptive matter and foreign matter flows into the pump. This protects the pumping parts and significantly increases the service life of the pump unit.

During the development of the PreMix solid matter feeder, attention was paid to ease of service and maintenance. All necessary work including the replacement of parts subject to wear can be done quickly and easily on site. This keeps interruptions to operation to a minimum.

The innovative pivoting mechanism of the CC series allows maintenance and parts to be replaced on the PreMix pump unit without the need to dismantle parts of the pipes, as is often the case with progressive cavity pumps. The entire stator-rotor unit is simply pivoted upwards or to the side – depending on the local circumstances. The space required and the time for service work is reduced significantly. The cutter is easily accessible due to its generously dimensioned service flap. The cutting blade and cutting screen can be changed in a few simple steps. The proven Quality Cartridge is used to seal both drive shafts. This saves time during a sealing change, avoids installation errors and improves safety.

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