Double pump station VacUnit by Vogelsang

Pump station for wastewater disposal

  • Low space requirements due to compact dimensions
  • High availability due to robust duty/standby pump arrangements
  • Uncomplicated system design without the need for bulky vacuum collection tanks
  • Easy and simple maintenance due to limited No. of system components
  • Closed system means that liquids and air are conveyed in the same operation
  • Insensitive to foreign matter and clogging
  • Pump technology that is self-priming and insensitive to dry running


Reliable pump technology for vacuum wastewater disposal
How the VacUnit works

Whether you need a mobile or stationary single point system or a complete vacuum disposal network: All Vogelsang disposal systems are uniquely designed. As the central pump station, the VacUnit guarantees the necessary suction for wastewater transport in closed vacuum line systems. The vacuum is generated directly by the integrated and proven Vogelsang VX rotary lobe pumps. The pump generates a vacuum of -0.6 bar even over large distances and pumps the wastewater directly into the sewage system. This means that the system can run smoothly with central controls, fewer components and smaller dimensions. The quick service design allows easy and comfortable access to the main components.

It can be inspected and maintained quickly and easily, meaning fewer system stoppages. The outcome: high availability and low-intensity maintenance.

During a suction process at a remote disposal station, the wastewater thus enters the vacuum line. The air flowing into the vacuum piping system causes turbulent mixing of the liquid and air phases and accelerates the medium in the direction of the vacuum pumping station. In this way, the mixture of wastewater and air flows towards the VacUnit. The flow process is additionally supported by laying the vacuum line with a slight slope of approx. 0.2% in direction of flow. The mixture of wastewater and air sucked in by the VacUnit on the inlet side is then pumped directly via a pressure line to the desired discharge point or to a wastewater treatment plant.

As the VacUnit does not require a vacuum collection tank, it is not possible for fibrous wastewater contents to accumulate and become entangled in the system. The problem of impellers clogging due to fiber clumps like this, which is familiar in free-flow sewage pumps, is thus safely avoided.

Thanks to Vogelsang's "QuickService" concept, maintenance and service can also be done quickly and easily. In addition to the classic version as a double pumping station, the VacUnit is also available as a single pump system. By using the VX100, VX136 and VX186 pump series, the VacUnit can be adapted to suit different requirements and capacities. As a rule, the VacUnit vacuum pumping station is supplied as a factory-tested complete unit on a common frame with a preconfigured, integrated control system.

The Vogelsang pumps, driven by three-phase electric motors, are also characterized by low noise emissions and particularly quiet running.

The VacUnit pump station is available in different mounting designs:

  • in a compact cabinet for outdoor and platform-side installations
  • in a system container with storage space for further components
  • as a system without a cabinet to install in a plant room or as an underground assembly


  • With a single pump station, capacity of 60 – 300 m3/h
  • With a double pump station, capacity of 2 x 60 – 300m3/h
  • Available motor output of 7.5 – 30 KW

Features of the VacUnit

Our products with VX series rotary lobe pumps are constructed according to an ingenious design concept, called QuickService design. This concept makes maintenance and repair of the equipment particularly easy. Systems are available again in a very short time, with downtimes minimized

Options of the VacUnit

To ensure safe operation outdoors even at freezing temperatures and to protect the technical equipment from frost, optional electric heating elements can be used.
The control of the VacUnit can be fitted with required interfaces to allow for local or online analysis of operating data, condition monitoring and remote diagnosis. The VEBSys web portal can be used for remote internet access and online support regardless of the systems location. The central control of the VacUnit set up as master unit can also be used to monitor remote service stations connected as clients, such as TUnit MP service modules.
Installation of the VacUnit in a walk-in 20‘ or 40‘ system container designed as a machine room, with sufficient space for additional technical equipment. Customized versions and equipment configurations are available on request.
Compact enclosure made from an aluminum tube frame with insulated wall and door elements. Removable maintenance covers give easy access to the units.

The series of the vaccum pump station VacUnit

  • The vacuum double pump station[br]VacUnit DP
  • The single vacuum pump station[br]VacUnit SP

The vacuum double pump station VacUnit DP
Vacuum pump station VacUnit DP

The DP variant of the VacUnit follows the design of a classic double pump station. The VacUnit DP's redundant pump units ensure that continuous plant operation is guaranteed even if one pump unit fails. It can also be used to safely manage peak loads by means of intelligent pump control, thus improving both the availability and the efficiency of the plant.  This is an especially important criteria in keeping waiting times and downtimes to a minimum in busy disposal plants.

The single vacuum pump station VacUnit SP
Vacuum pump station VacUnit SP

The SP variant of the VacUnit follows the design of a single pump station. The Vogelsang VX-series pump unit guarantees reliable plant operation and is also very easy to maintain, thanks to its simple construction. The tried-and-tested Vogelsang rotary lobe pump used in the unit makes for extremely quiet and reliable plant operation.

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