Customers speak for themselves
Owner Stefan Trinkies and his 28 employees know what reliability means

Like other areas of the economy, agriculture was affected by increasing competition decades ago. Globalization did not spare “primary production,” arriving in the form of better preservation methods,  transport capabilities and very different wages. Farmers and contractors had to develop a business-oriented mindset.

While mechanization made farmers’ work easier and reduced the physical strain at first, today, agricultural equipment is purchased for reasons of efficiency and productivity. Spreading liquid manure to fertilize fields is  almost as old as agriculture itself. However, mechanizing this process has its pitfalls, as delivering liquid manure and digestate in particular makes tough demands of the pump technology. The consistency of the natural fertilizer is extremely varied, often containing fibers and solid matter and very viscous. To pump the medium effectively, whether into the tank or to the spreading system, the technology used not only needs to be powerful, it must also be resistant to foreign matter and ensure smooth operation. Extended maintenance or downtime periods of a pump would mean lost time and additional costs.

Reliable liquid manure delivery on a large scale at Trinkies GmbH & Co. KG

Agricultural contracting firm Trinkies cannot afford to use unreliable agricultural technology, so it chooses VX pumps by Vogelsang.

The specialist for services related to liquid manure spreading, founded in 1996 in Lamstedt near Cuxhaven, spreads hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of liquid manure each year, and needs to be able to depend absolutely on its machines working properly in order to be economically successful and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Owner Stefan Trinkies and his 28 employees use five tankers, a self-propelled vehicle as well as shuttles and transport trucks for efficient liquid manure spreading. The fleet is equipped with 16 different VX series rotary lobe pumps by Vogelsang, and Trinkies is completely happy with his decision: “The Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps have been working absolutely reliably for ten years. As we can rely on the technology, we have only invested in Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps since introducing them in our company. Economical spare parts costs keep the operating costs low throughout the pump’s service life.”

Compact, flexible and low-maintenance

The compact design and low weight of the VX rotary lobe pumps mean they can be used for a wide range of applications in tankers and self-propelled vehicles, as well as liquid manure transport trucks. The InjectionSystem means that the pump is not susceptible to foreign matter. In addition, the entire pumping chamber of the rotary lobe pump, tailored for agricultural applications, has a highly wear-resistant lining. This combination leads to longer service lives and thus more economical use.

If necessary, the pulsation-free HiFlo® lobes are easy to replace without disassembling the pump. The contracting firm’s employees can replace the parts themselves in just 30 minutes. 

Perfect combination for a modern service

In addition to the pumps, Trinkies’ tankers and self-propelled vehicle are also equipped with the Vogelsang RotaCut wet macerator, installed upstream of the VX pumps. To reduce the strain on the pump components, the RotaCut shreds coarser fibrous matter and foreign matter, and removes heavy material. This also improves the suspension, making it more homogeneous and allowing it to be spread particularly evenly. “Using the RotaCut upstream of the VX pump quadruples the lifetime of the rotary lobes,” explains Stefan Trinkies.

In order to perform soil cultivation and liquid manure spreading consistently and economically, Trinkies’ contracting firm relies on other technologies by Vogelsang in addition to the VX-series rotary lobe pumps. For  example, the SwingMax dribble bar system with a working width of 24 meters and the SynCult upgrade kit for direct and efficient liquid manure incorporation via a short disk harrow and cultivator. In response to the increasingly strict liquid manure regulations, the company purchased a trailing shoe system with Vogelsang technology. Stefan Trinkies: “That enables us to follow the trend for ground-level liquid manure spreading and offer our clients comprehensive services with state-of-the-art technologies they can rely on.”