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Vogelsang acquires Bombas Beto and gains a foothold in South America

Indústria e Comércio de Bombas D´Água Beto Ltda., domiciled in the southern federal state of Rio Grande do Sul, is one of the leading manufacturers of pump and ventilation technology in Brazil, with 50 employees.

“German quality standards ‘Made in Brazil.’ My linguistic and cultural background definitely helps me here. After all, it is much easier to understand a culture if you speak the language. I notice that again and again during negotiations – whether in Germany, Brazil or anywhere else in South America.”

Walter Carlos Wetzel,
Managing Director of subsidiary Bombas Beto

Bombas Beto is now taken over by Vogelsang

Bombas Beto was founded in 1989, is ownermanaged and offers a very wide range of products and technological solutions from project development to after-sales services. The local Managing Director, Walter Carlos Wetzel, grew up with the German and Brazilian cultures and looks back on years of international experience. Besides day-to-day operations, in the years to come, he will be tasked with adapting the product range and production to match the local market conditions and grow the company to incorporate Vogelsang’s quality standards and selected Vogelsang products. He is also responsible for expanding the sales network in Brazil and South America.

Now is a particularly interesting time to enter the Brazilian market, as South America’s largest economy is moving towards growth again. That is why Vogelsang views its calculated commitment as an opportunity. In difficult economic times, it is important for a mechanical engineering company to have a local presence for its potential customers, and create a positive and lasting impression.

“Integrating a Brazilian manufacturing company in the Vogelsang Group is an important step in our internationalization strategy. We go wherever customers demand our products. Brazil is and will remain the largest national economy in Latin America, and is the ninth largest economy in the world. As a result, Brazil remains a very important economic partner for Germany. The national market and the South American market offer immense potential, which we cannot ignore. We want to ensure that Vogelsang remains successful in Brazil by establishing a more direct presence on the market and serving the specific needs of our customers even better with Bombas Beto’s market knowledge and Vogelsang’s technological expertise,” is how Managing Director Harald Vogelsang explains this strategic step. “Bombas Beto is a long-standing family company with quality products, a well-developed sales network and an interesting customer base. The takeover points the way forward for long-term business success in South America,” adds Vogelsang.

“Growth with intelligent technology transfer! Offering new application and quality standards at conditions tailored for the markets in Brazil and South America, not only in the environment familiar to Bombas Beto, but also in new markets – that is our challenge for the years to come,” is how Walter Carlos Wetzel explains his next moves. The new location in Brazil will further consolidate Vogelsang’s presence and customer support in South America.

Indústria e Comércio de Bombas D’Água Beto Ltda.
Rodovia RS 240, 140
CEP: 93.180-00 – RS – Brazil
Phone: +55 51 3562-3388 / 3562-3377
www.vogelsang.info / www.bombasbeto.com.br

Brazil – A nation of superlatives

  • 5th largest country by surface area (in square kilometers)
  • 5th largest country by population (207.67 million citizens)
  • 9th largest economy by GNP

Brazil is the world’s biggest producer in many industry sectors

After two years of negative development, a positive GDP is expected again for 2017.