Jan Haase chose Vogelsang
He uses the UniSpread trailing shoe system to spread liquid manure on the ground

"I chose Vogelsang because its solution allows me to retrofit my existing machinery. The spreading technology is simple to install, complies with regulations and all for a reasonable price."
Jan Haase, operating manager of the Haase Farm, Germany

We've been operating our family farm since 1920 and since the 1980s, we have specialised in dairy cattle and animal feeding production. Today we are managing 120 hectares of land. Every year, we spread around 4,000 m³ of liquid manure, so what’s particularly important to me is that the liquid manure spreading technology works with no frills. Everyone, from trainees to experienced employees, should be able to use the technology right from the start without having to familiarise themselves with a complicated computer system.

The sunlight and wind at the North Sea have a major influence on the liquid manure distribution, so we need spreading technology that deposits the liquid manure directly on the ground. For this reason, we chose the UniSpread trailing shoe system from Vogelsang, which we used to retrofit our tanker in July 2020 at a good price. The system allows us to apply the liquid manure precisely, directly on the ground and therefore with low emissions. In this way, we can best provide the plants with the nutrients they need. Vogelsang’s fast and personal service is another advantage alongside its precise liquid manure spreading technology.

Customer portrait: Haase farm

Company name Haase farm
Position of individual providing the testimonial Jan Haase, operating manager
The company Dairy cattle and animal feed production
Year of founding 1920
Number of employees Family business with two trainees
Manure quantities applied per year approx. 4000 m³