ExaCut – The precision distributor for all cases
Everything pays off with Vogelsang!

Whether you're on the lookout for reliable spreading technology or have to cater for your own individual requirements and agricultural regulations - with Vogelsang's ExaCut  it all pays off! Being the heart of all spreading systems, a precision distributor is essential technology and has proven itself a thousand times over.

However, we don't limit ourselves to the minor details. We consider the bigger picture, ensuring you get the liquid manure onto the field quickly, reliably and precisely, because economical working processes are important to us.

Precision distributors by Vogelsang offer you

  • Optimal cutting results
  • Maximum reliability
  • Efficient operation
  • Premium quality workmanship

Precision. Economical. Flexible. Precision distributors by Vogelsang are simply a good choice. Always adapted to the challenges and requirements of the agricultural sector, precision distributors by Vogelsang do precisely what you want them to: spread liquid manure precisely and economically.

A further advantage: The wide range of models and simple, fast service mean all requirements can be achieved - ensuring outstanding quality and a particularly long service life.

The ExaCut ECL is the world's most successful and most widely sold precision distributor by Vogelsang. It has won over agricultural economists all over the world with its precise spreading accuracy, intelligent design to the highest quality standards and our simple and fast service.

The precision distributor ExaCut ECL
Optimal results for liquid manure spreading

1.    Rotor technology
for smooth running

2.    Perfectly Coordinated Cutting Unit
The core piece of the ExaCut
a.    Eccentric adjuster
Optimal contact pressure for efficient cutting performance and best material utilization
b.    Coordinated geometry of cutting screen and knife
Proven scissor effect: Perfected cutting angles for maximum cutting performance
c.    Self-sharpening cutting unit
Consistent level of sharpness over the entire life cycle due to easy change of direction
d.    Combination of material pairing
Matched degrees of hardness for cutting ring and knife provide durability
e.    Two-piece cutting elements
Minimal material usage thanks to modular design for maximum cost-effectiveness

3.    ProtectionPack
Special sealing package to protect the hydraulic circuit and provide maximum operational safety

4.    Ventilation
Performance-oriented air outlet for high distribution accuracy

5.    Heavy material separator
Separation of foreign mater to protect the entire application unit

6.    Premium brand manufacturer
for drive technology

Accurate distribution
(*according to DLG test criteria)
Optimal distribution accuracy for even nutrient supply

Maximum flexibility
Universal application customization: Adjustment of the throughput volume, outlet numbers, hose diameter and inlet variants

Compact housing with low weight

Service friendly
Easy change of parts within a short time and without disassembling

Highlights of the ExaCut ECL

Eccentric adjuster

Thanks to the eccentric adjuster, the ExaCut ECL ensures optimal contact pressure for an efficient cutting performance and optimal use of materials.


The ProtectionPack provides a special seal for protection of the hydraulic circuit, thereby ensuring maximum reliability of usage.

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