Flexible precision distributor DosiMat DMX by Vogelsang
DosiMat DMX

Flexible precision distribution
DosiMat DMX

  • Modified rotor contour for maximum flexibility of spreading capacities combined with maximum accuracy of distribution
  • Optimized cutting performance thank to new blade contour
  • Patented membrane for uniform air flow
  • Service-friendly design for simple maintenance of all relevant elements
  • Maximum accuracy of distribution regardless of spreading capacity


Principle of operation
How the precision distributor DosiMat DMX works

The liquid manure flows down into the rotor through the manure inlet of the DosiMat DMX. The flow-optimized rotor then distributes the manure to the individual discharge points. Meanwhile the cutting blades shred fibrous and foreign matter dependably. The ventilation system has been centralized for more uniform results. The use of a curved plastic cover allows a larger housing volume. The machine can easily adjust its spreading capacity according to soil conditions, the plants sown, and the season, without the need to change strainers or other components.

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Makes every volume possible
Precision distributor DosiMat DMX

With spreading technology, users not only have to consider the economic efficiency of a machine, but are now also confronted with the stricter legal requirements of the German fertilizer regulations. The new design of the DosiMat DMX precision distributor allows both. There is also a flow-optimized rotor, which provides outstanding distribution precision. Irrespective of whether the DosiMat DMX is distributing small or large spreading capacities, the precision distributor can be used flexibly without reconstruction measures, and shreds and distributes the liquid manure precisely at all times. The DosiMat DMX’s easy-to-service design proves just as practical. There are fewer hex-head screw plugs, the housing can be opened quickly and the rotor is easier to access.